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Default Re: Feedback for Zen and the Art

Based on the postings which followed, this is a topic worth much further study.
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Default Re: Feedback for Zen and the Art


Christians often claim that without belief in God as the source of morality, there is no solid, absolute foundation for our notions of right and wrong. But is God really the moral foundation Christians say he is? Suppose, for the sake of argument, that God commanded parents to molest their children. If God decides what is moral and immoral, then his command to parents to molest their children would be, by definition, moral. Yet how many Christians would consider it as such much less carry it out? Hopefully none, probably not many. My point is that they would consider this command to be immoral or wrong, despite the fact that God made it. This implies that God is not the absolute foundation for morality that Christians suppose him to be, that something beyond God makes his actions and commands moral or immoral. This further blurs the distinction between so-called humanists and Christians. Both look beyond God for their absolute source and foundation of morality. -Steve-
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Default Re: Feedback for Zen and the Art

Actually, I would side with your Calculus professor for one reason: to get my degree, I was forced to take (to most in my field) some boring and meaningless classes. To get a liberal arts degree, you are NOT forced to take a Calculus class. My cousin, a very smart girl, just got a liberal arts degree from Ryder University, I think it was. What is she doing now? Working in a department store. If someone chooses a field in which to start a career, wouldn't it make more sense not to waste their time with classes they a) hate, and b) never use? And instead, get them extra lab time, or lecture time in the field they've chosen? Luckily for me, I was able to take psychology instead of philosophy. There were some interesting examples of how the human mind works. THAT class actually was a benifit, but I probably would have taken it anyway, just for fun. The art classes I could do without, and the health classes. As the Headmaster of a school, I would be thrown out if I forced all Liberal Arts majors to take welding classes. Why the one-sided view? Granted, English and spelling are important. I've seen some reports written by some Engineers that were mostly unreadable, and who taught all those doctor's how to write anyway? I'd fail 99% of those that were in my class for illegible handwriting! No wonder the pharmacist gives the patient the wrong medicine sometimes.
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Default Re: Feedback for Zen and the Art

If by "too many words" you mean poorly over-written, I agree entirely.
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Default Now & Zen

I read Zen when it first came out and was totally impressed. Geez, Robert Pirsig sure is smart. Then I read it again recently, the main difference being that I've got 20 years of riding under my belt and a degree in philosophy, and frankly I was apalled. Most of the writing that concerns motorcycles is second rate, and Pirsig's philosophy is completely ridiculous. If you don't believe me, look up his website. In short, Zen is not a good introduction to motorcycling or philosophy. It is not surprising he had to submit the book 128 times before finding someone to publish it.
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