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Default Re: Help the NHTSA help you!

That link doesn't work. www.dot.gov was the closest thing I could come. I think the dms. pages are down.
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Default Re: Help the NHTSA help you!

For those who haven't read it (i.e., non-dweebs), I've listed below the recommendations in the Plan and added a few comments, too. It was based on the National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety, a produced jointly by MSF and NHTSA outlining a national strategy for improving riding safety. This Plan takes the Agenda to the next step by proposing specific programs.


Areas addressed are training techniques (what to teach and how to teach it), impaired riding, helmet use, attitude and its effect on riding, and cager awareness of motorcycles. A number of programs are proposed, including:

• Define "best practices" for training and licensing.

• Identify techniques for deterring impaired riding.

• Help cops catch drunk riders.

• Distribute helmet propaganda. I’m all for helmet use, but I don’t like dishonest arguments in their favor. For example, quite a few riders have been convinced by current propaganda that helmets are a "silver bullet" lifesaver when NHTSA itself claims only about 30% effectiveness in saving lives.

• Find out why some riders are idiots.

• Ask cagers to please not run over motorcyclists. "Awareness" programs like this are notoriously ineffective. Witness cell phone use and red-light running, for example. I say, if you’re the one aiming a lethal weapon, be it a TEC-9 or a Ford Excursion, you’re responsible for what ensues.


Basically a study of the effectiveness of anti-lock and linked brakes.


The Agenda recommended a new Hurt Study. This Plan recommends merely mining existing crash databases, omitting the crucial exposure data collection that enabled Hurt to draw important conclusions. To understand why exposure data is important, consider the question of fatalities among older riders that has been in the news recently. Knowing how many more riders from, say, 40 to 50 were killed in 1999 than in 1997 is utterly meaningless unless we know how many 40-to-50-year-old riders there were in each year.


Proposes to study how roadways might contribute to motorcycle crashes and how they can be improved.


Instruct potential on-scene caregivers how best to scrape up the pieces.
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Default Re: Help the NHTSA help you!

Thank you for taking the time to do that, DataDan.

Much appreciated.
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Default Re: Help the NHTSA help you!

If you all take the time to review the comments posted, you will find that there are some very interesting and insightful postings. Notably, Hugh Hurt, author of the "Hurt Study" posted his response, as did Harley Davidson. The HD posting is four pages and very well done.
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