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flboy63 08-03-2001 03:02 AM

Re: Open Cruisers shoot out.
Try finding a V Rod for MSRP! They are already being listed for $24,995.00 on Ebay! That's crazy! As a previous Harley owner, save your money and build a bike that suits your needs, not Harley's 401K plan.

Rob-SV650 08-03-2001 03:21 AM

Re: Open Cruisers Found on Dyno
You guys are always saying that about the MAX, that "any 600 would beat it". WRONG! Only in a standing quarter mile ridden by someone very good at launching the 600 off the line. In the real world, especially when rolling, the V-MAX would eat it for lunch.

Take it from someone who's done a lot of miles on a Honda V65 Sabre, a similar bike, V-MAXs are not about winding it out down a quarter mile, they are about yanking your arms straight at any RPM from 2500 to redline with a roll of the throttle, kinda like a big-block shoves you back in the seat. Lotsa fun!

theDuke2001 08-03-2001 03:53 AM

Re: V-Max motor
The Yamaha V-4 has been around for nearly 20 years and it's still a kick-ass engine. This really begs the question as to what the heck Yamaha were thinking when they strangled this motor so badly when they built their cruisers a few years ago.

Transplant the V-Max into a bike with modern suspension and brakes and they could have had a real winner. Better yet, why not update the legendary V-Max?

trinoGT 08-03-2001 03:58 AM

Re: Open Cruisers Found on Dyno
Yes, hefty bike! But my gosh, have you seen it up close and personal? It looks like a toy compared to some bikes, such as the Vulcan, Intruder LC, etc.

They said Honda had to go with a shaft drive over belt because of extreme power... Why did Harley keep a belt on the V Rod? Obviously, it can take it! That is my biggest drawback to the VTX. Otherwise, [i]I love it!


dansalvail 08-03-2001 04:05 AM

The killing off of the V-Max
Yamaha (Canada) has informed my local dealer that the V-Max will not be killed off until (if ever) the European Bulldog can be turned into an interesting machine for the North American market. At this time, Yamaha officials say that the power output of the Bulldog doesn't suit our market as it is.

The 2002 V-Max comes back (to Canada at least) with no modifications whatsoever, in the carbon-fiber color scheme of the last few years.

Mind you, not modifying a bike for a few years might be a sign of its imminent death...

jacktoad 08-03-2001 04:14 AM

Re: Open Cruisers Found on Dyno
"...neither the v-rod or v-max belong here." now there is a typical hardley rider statement. pretty brash considering the hardleys do nothing spectacular( i take that back.... they sound good! ). ever ridden a VMax? no? i didn't think so. and i know you have never smoked one off the line or through the curves.

VegasShawn 08-03-2001 04:22 AM

The bike that started the recent power cruiser craze was the Valkyrie! I don't care if it has 6 cylinders instead of 2. It's more of a cruiser than the VMAX is! (Not to discredit the V-MAX, it's an awesome bike still, just not in the same "cruiser" class as the VTX, Mean Streak, VROD...)

You cannot have a proper power cruiser comparison without including the Valkyrie! I don't know if it would win in a HP comparison with the VROD, but I'm sure it would still be at the top of every other category you guys use in the testing.

Rob-SV650 08-03-2001 05:08 AM

Future of V-Max and other ramblings...
I've heard that 2002 could be the last year for the V-Max. This makes me sad. I seriously hope Yamaha decides to modernize it instead of killing it off altogether - I hope they keep it kind of a standard (which the seating position says it is, not a cruiser), but not a sportbike wannabe like the FZ1 and other bikes in its class. With Honda not making the V65's any more (since like 1986 actually) the V-Max is the last bike of its kind. You just can't beat the character of a big V4.

To put the V-Max engine in perspective, it came out in 1985, and is still competitive with or slightly ahead of the ZRX1200 motor in HP and torque.

The V-Rod motor is pretty damn impressive too, for a twin. The Japanese just got moved to the back of the V-twin power cruiser class - they've been focusing on low output, air-cooled Harley competitors and Harley just snuck by, right into the modern age. Maybe the Japanese can take a VTR or TL motor, punch it out, retune it, dress it up, and put it in a power cruiser. That would be cool, heh heh, heh heh.

I like character-filled, power-at-any-engine-speed, high-redline bikes. The VTX doesn't do much for me though, something about a rev limiter under 6 grand puts me off.

As far as handling goes, none of these bikes are made for extreme lean angles or riding on a track. Real world handling is all that matters - is it easy to ride and take corners on, and does it feel stable are the questions, not what the limits are. If it passes that test, it handles good enough.

And that's my 2¢...

markszrz 08-03-2001 05:34 AM

Re: Open Cruisers Found on Dyno
It's amazing, just a couple of months ago, the VTX was the biggest, baddest cruiser around. Now comparing it with the V-Max and V-Rod, it appears outclassed. The VTX may have the most torque, but it's also pushing 109 more pounds than the V-Rod and no where near the horse power of the other two bikes. Comparing the dyno numbers with the much lighter V-Max, you get an idea of how really great the V-Max engine is. Of course Honda quality is unsurpassed ( I have owned 4 inc. a V65 Magna. I now own a ZRX1200-R) and now with the introduction of the V-Rod, maybe the average guy can get a decent deal on a VTX. I am sure to see a V-Rod sooner or later and my first thoughts will be he most likely spend 5-10K over MSRP to get it. Is it worth it? I don't know.

cbrf4pilot 08-03-2001 05:51 AM

Re: Open Cruisers Found on Dyno
And you hit it right on the head because any current (made in the last 5-6 years) 600 supersport will whip a v-max in straight line performance. After all the max wasnt made to race, even in a straight line, its a muscle-bike. I like the v-max because it is a unique bike today and should be updated but dont get rid of that dohc v-4 and its power. Oh and do the math 370lb 600ss with 100hp against a 580lb cruiser with 117hp. Hmmm, not a fair race huh, maybe thats because the 600s were designed to race.

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