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IceWorm 10-26-2000 02:25 AM

Re: Better tires = better handling = safer ride? what brand
Michelin T66 is the best dual purpose tire around. You won't belive how well that Seca II handles in the dirt with a set of T66s. And you friend with the Bandit 600 will be so jealous when you blow his sidecovers off on the hill climb!

SeanAlexander 10-26-2000 03:54 AM

Re: Better tires = better handling = safer ride? what brand
Dunlop's D-606 are DOT legal full knobbies... as we all know the big problem with Dual Sport tires isn't ONroad traction it's OFFroad traction. 606s slide nice and progressively in both paved and unpaved situations. They also wear like iron. However, if you put these Dual Sport tires on your Seca II, you run the risk of looking like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible II. Not sure if they will help you on the one-handed rolling 360 degree burnout while shooting automatic weapons maneuver.

SeanAlexander 10-26-2000 04:16 AM

Re: Deer Sunset, Deer Twilight, Dear DAMN Deer
LOL! Well written!

I was riding my 916 on a Midnight Run with a bunch of lunatics in Jacksonville FL, December 1997. As we proceeded to haul hindquarters down a rural hwy, a LARGE buck came prancing >galavanting?< onto the road from the right shoulder. I was the second bike in a line of about 35 and watched the guy in front pass immediately behind the dear's ass... needless to say, this spooked Bambi something fierce and it jumped and kicked... making solid contact between a rear hoof and the left side of my Arai! Since I was travelling about 100MPH at the time ...please no lectures, I've learned the error of my ways... the bike was exvremely stable and I didn't crash. I did however have a noticable mark on my helmet. When we all stopped to laugh, shake, cry or pass out from fright, the three guys who were immediately behind me, said it was the scariest incident they had ever seen and were probably more shaken up buy it than I was. What did I Learn?

1.) Helmets are useful for LOTS of things, not just crashing. You will NEVER find me riding without one.

2.) Midnight Runs with lunatics are a recipie for disaster. Since that night, two of that crowd have died in seperate on-ride crashes, several others have spent long periods in plaster. I stopped riding with them before any fatalities and I try to talk everyone I meet, who rides like that on the street, to take it to the track. Unfortunately, few listen.

Gabe 10-26-2000 09:12 AM

Oh, please!
Can you tell me which part of the Constitution guarantees the right to behave like a moron? I'm a law student, and I must have been dozing off that day in my constitutional law class. (It's right after lunch!)

Requiring people take reasonable, non-intrusive measures to protect themselves from injury is a far, far cry from socialism. I also won't argue that socialism works, (although I can't help but mention that Renault, Ducati, Airbus, and Fiat are all successful companies that are partially government-owned).

I'm very proud of you for not needing the government (acting through democratically elected officials, BTW- you DO vote, right?) to tell you to wear a helmet. But the sad, sad truth is, in states without helmet laws, most riders don't wear them.

The way I see it, if you don't wear a helmet, you do need to be told to wear it, because, when it comes to that particular issue, you can't make an informed decision.

As for the rest of your hollw, meaningless rhetoric, save it for the next Republican Convention puppet show. We motorcyclists can think for ourselves. (except those who don't wear helmets!)

Gabe 10-26-2000 09:17 AM

A fellow SMR
Hey Mitch!

We haven't seen you since that crash- did you go back to Oz?

Just wondering how yer dooing,


Gabe 10-26-2000 09:20 AM

Oh Shit!
Man, that is frigging awful.

I'm gonna re-post this on the 250 Ninja message board- lots of new riders there who need to read this.

I hope you don't mind, but you can sue me if you do.


IWantYZF 10-26-2000 10:58 AM

Re: Crashing Sucks - Not just riders
Many say that ignorant 4+ wheel drivers (a.k.a. door-heads) are bashing riders. I looked at some of the statistics and the walled-in door-heads are not just running into cyclists.

Unfortunately I do not own a bike (motorized one) right now. If I can convince my wife that they are not death machines I hope to get a YZF600 for commuting. But when looking into it, I researched some statistics on the NTSB and NHSTA web sites.

Even with the multitude of lunatic riders pulling wheelies in traffic, <blockquote>Riders are 33% less likely to be in an accident than door-heads.</blockquote> The unfortunate fact is that riders are 14% more likely to die in an accident (thanks Mr. SUV / Urban-ASSault Vehicle).

I would love to get a bike to go to and from work and to enjoy the few other trips about Houston I may take by myself. I am married and have two small boys. Unfortunately, due to the reputation bikes have gotten, it is a fight with my wife to understand that a bike is not a death sentence. Does anyone have any good suggestions?

SugarMrPoon 10-26-2000 12:13 PM

Re: Deer Sunset, Deer Twilight, Dear DAMN Deer
Would deer whistles have worked in this circumstance?

anyone tested them? my pops swear by them.


SugarMrPoon 10-26-2000 12:15 PM

Re: Crashing Sucks - Not just riders
Don't ride in Houston. It's just not worth it. Save the ride for saturday mornings, and get out into the hill country.


Jim 10-26-2000 03:00 PM

Re: Crashing Sucks - Reader Feedback
I had the same situation once back in 1990. Unfortunately, mine wasn't a near miss. I'm sure that drivers don't always see riders due to our tall-narrow profile instead of the low-wide one their brain is used to seeing. Certainly wide spaced lights will help.

Couple points: Jeans won't cut it. Mine were absolutely shredded going over the bars. (My bike, at 45 mph, totalled a Monte Carlo.) Garden variety leather gloves won't either. Mine looked like Freddie Kreuger had been wearing them.

Now I wear Olympia riding gloves and a Tour Master Cortech one piece suit with TF2 foam all over. It may not be quite an Aerostich, but it seems very sturdy, is completely waterproof (how can a rider concentrate with a crotch full of water?) and costs less than half. If you're putting off buying an Aerostich because of it's not inconsiderable price, go for the Tour Master. I hope I don't crash in mine, but I'll bet it will give tons of protection if I do.

Oh, and the shortened 750 turned into an R100RT. Great bike for staying comfortable and therefore alert.

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