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Default Re: Crashing Sucks - Reader Feedback

Abe Froman (Ferris Bueller) writes:

>>I laid my own bike down due to my own stupidity as well. I found out the hard way that when you hit bumps when you are hard on the brakes, you will be on the ground before you know what happened. <<

Why? I brake very hard through both bumps and/or rough ground all the time, both on and off road. In and of itself, hard braking over bumps does NOT equal being on the ground before you know what happened
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Default Trucks Suck

We must kill all trucks...kill all SUVS...stomp them smash them sell them for scrap...carry off the leather seats as bloody trophies from the hunt and as a extra comfy friday night poker seats.

For more underground terrorist motorcycle activities DON''T visit


DON''T tell you friends

DON''T know that a modern SUV can be effectivly disarmed by a relatively easy to assemble pipe bomb made with gunpoweder an empty carton of quaker oats and a fusabile link.

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Default Re: Crashing Sucks - Reader Feedback

I used to think that way when I bought my 5.0 Mustang. It stops faster and it handles better than most of the vehicles on the road. The fact is the car will do 140MPH. Owning and driving a car that goes that fast I push it to it's limits all the time, ie. sliding around corners in my daily commute.

If you were to drive a sport bike 55MPH everywhere and not push any limits I would agree with you, but that isn't why we ride motorcycles. I ride because it is fun and dangerous. It gets the heart pumping when you run your bike wide open through the gears.

Cruiser riders do have one thing on their side. When cruising you tend to drive slower and watch everything more. When I ride fast I spend less time looking out for the other guy and more time worrying about how fast I'm going into the next corner and how soon I can roll on the throttle to exit.
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Default Re: Crashing Sucks - Reader Feedback

Don't go 130 on streets, especially anywhere in the vicinity of traffic or intersections.
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Default Re: Crashing Sucks - Reader Feedback

They can identify you if you have your name written on the back of same helmet in big ass letters. Doh! No more identification on my helmets.

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Default Re: Watch out for me....

no lie on the SLC construction. a complete disregard for the way a moto performs over various surfaces.

and the worst construction management ever known.

wear the gear, and get out of SLC and into the mountains.

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Default Re: Thoughts on crashing (or avoiding)

Let me elaborate. My I-95 experience was a special situation which can only be used in similar cases (high-speed high-way environments). Speed should be chosen relative to the environment, and I agree wholeheartedly with going slow in developments.

In regard to your final paragraph, if you recognize someone else being a problem (in this case the cyclist), don't you tend to keep an extra eye on that person? (This supports my argument.) In regarding someone cutting me off or something falling off the truck, that's where prediction and decision skills come in. Make eye contact with the driver to ensure he's seen you. If not, pass as far away and/or as quickly as possible to minimize the window of risk.

As to your final statement, I agree, but I am not advocating racing or extremely high speed or other idiocy. That behavior borders on recklessness which negates any possible safety benefit. I agree; Loud pipes suck, BTW.

Observation: I sense a general trend in this thread overall that being alert and speeding is better than driving the speed limit and zoning out (which I was guilty of doing many a sunday night at 10pm driving from philly to baltimore in the right lane of 95 in my olds doing 65-70). I agree. I'm not advocating speeding all the time, and frankly, sometimes speed limits are actually accurate. But unfortunately, many people use speed limits as an excuse to zone out and as an avoidance of blame for accidents truly caused by inattentive driving because speeding has become a catch-all scapegoat for accident blame. (man that sentence was long. Time for bed) Do you see my point?
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Default Better tires = better handling = safer ride? what brand?

I know this is slightly off-topic but I'm looking at new tires for my 92 Yamaha Seca II. I'm looking at Bridgestone BT45's with the hard compound in the center and soft on the edges. Anybody got a good dual-purpose tire they can recommend?
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Default Re: Crashing Sucks - Reader Feedback

Yes, crashing sucks...but, with enough practice, it can become an art form. After multiple low-speed crashes, I can honestly say that you learn something from each and every crash. I feel MUCH safer riding with a group of guys who have had at least one incident apiece, than a bunch of green-ears who haven''t even made their first payment on their ''learner'' GSXR750. My first wreck was definitely my ugliest, and my most costly; it cost me the most in bike parts, skin and ego.

It was May of 1996, I had purchased a used EX500 in late Nov, and hadn''t been riding it very long. The tires were shot, and a car stopped on the blind side of a hill I was going over. I laid the bike down on what we call Chip-N-Seal in the midwest. The road crews lay down a layer of tar, then smash rocks about the diameter of a quarter into it. This makes the road just like sand paper for about 2 weeks until the rocks are crushed down furthur into the tar, and the jagged edges are rubbed off the top. I fell on the stuff when it was about 5 days old. I had a helmet on, but only a tank top shirt and jeans. I ground 2.5 oz of bone off of my right shoulder, .75 oz of bone out of my right elbow, and burned both of my hips down. I lost so much skin off of my back that 9 ribs were exposed, and some small rocks had been broken off of the pavement and were stuck in the meat between my ribs. I ground both of the heels of my hands off.

Lots of cars stopped to help, and an ambulance was there immediately. After a short ride to the hospital, I was stripped and given to two nurses for a ''shower'' (WOO-HOO!!) The nurses took large white scrub brushes (not soft bristled) and were going to attempt to scrub the road grime out from my rib cage. They turned the water on, and used a hand-held sprinkler to put it on my back. I immediately passed out from the pain. They used salts to wake me back up, and tried again...again I passed out. After waking me up a second time, and me passing out a third time, they left me unconcious (sp) while they scrubbed my back. They then laid small 4 by 4 gauze pads over the skinned areas (pretty much everything from the lower butt cheeks up to my neck on my back, and both of my shoulder, and all the way down to my wrist on my right arm) then wrapped me with gauze like a mummy. They sent me home to sleep.

I laid on my stomach for 2 days, not able to sleep. If you''v ever lost large amounts of skin, you know that when skin is burnt off, the wound forms a jelly-like material over the hole. Now imagine that hole being the size of your back. The nurses who put the gauze pads on me obviously had no knowledge of this, as after 2 days of not sleeping, I was driven back to the hospital where they discovered that the jelly material had fused into the pores of the gauze pads. All of these pads were now ''stuck'' to my open wounds and would have to be removed before I could be re-dressed. Instead of using water, or a fluid to loosen the pads, the nurse just grabbed the top ones (by my shoulders) and ripped the whole section off at once...causing me to pass out again (smelling salts are GREAT). They woke me back up, and re-dressed the wounds, using 5 tubes of neosporin on the face of the new pads (they also used larger pads this time). They sent me home with 5mg of Valium to help me sleep (and it did...I was out in the car, had to be carried into the house). I laid on my stomach for another 13 weeks (that''s 2.25 MONTHS). In this time I sold the Kawasaki and vowed to never ride another bike (that promise to myself lasted almost 2 years). I still have scars all over my back, shoulders and elbow. But I have a great respect for what kind of pavement I''m on when I''m thinking of doing stupid stuff. Had I crashed on regular city concrete...the crash would have just been a slide into a ditch.

The Grasshopper
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Default Deer Sunset, Deer Twilight, Dear DAMN Deer

Just a reminder to those of us who live in rural areas or areas where deer are prevalant and a good word of advice to those just beggining their adventures in motorcycling. The season is upon us when those suicidle horned devils are CONSTANTLY jumping into traffic as they choose suicide by vehicular homicide to the blast of a high powered rifle. Almost bagged myself a nice buck and a new Gsxr 750 this evening as one of the devils foul horned bastards jumped into traffic tonight. Missed the damn thing by inches. Not that I was aiming mind you. I''''m silly, not crazy. When I got home, I had some damn fur on my front fender of the bike. How''''s that for close? The suicidle (am I spelling that correctly? Who gives a deers arse?) deer seem to be happier dieing during the early morning hours and right around sunset. Keep your eyes open while traveling roads where you might encounter one of these lunitics. Went to change into the left lane and took a quick glance to my left. When I looked up I had Rudolph not wanting to pull the fatman and his old sled again and wishing for an ugly death. Perhaps I haven''''t been on the right list? Never did get that Ducati now that I think about it. Hmmmm.... **Mental Note: Write Santa. Tell him to blow it out his ass.** So take care while traveling this season. The deer are everywhere here (South Texas) and they come out of no where, have no fear, and are on you in the blink of an eye. To the hunting type this year, if you see that crazy f&$ker, tell him I send my regards as it draws its last breath.

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