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Default Re: 2002 CBR929RR Caught!

Finally Honda is pullin out the big guns. Hopefully the new RR will perform better than the GSXR-1000. I like the styling with the graphics and the Euro paint schemes are always better looking that the US paint schemes. Keepin my fingers crossed.
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Default Re: 2002 CBR929RR Caught!

Fats4ward, are you awake? The 929 is nothing like the old 900. The 929 has all new parts that wont even fit the old bike. What do you think the new GSXR is? A revamp bike from 10 years ago. You can't comapre the 929 to the old 900 anyway.
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Default Re: 2002 CBR929RR Caught!

Although I'm also full of excitement about the new CBR, ZX10, and R1 I'll believe only half of the claims.

FYI: The other day I went before a judge because of a speeding ticket, and to my surprise, as soon as I told him I was riding a GSXR1000 he said " ... is that one of those bikes that can go 175mph?..." and I said " no your honor, it can go 180mph restricted and 186mph unrestricted!!!" (just kidding on the last part) My point is that the manufacturers and we as riders are starting to walk on thin ice with these liter bikes. The law makers are starting to look our way and ...

BTW, the prick didn't let me go to traffic school

Getting a little off topic??? >>>>

Who's going to Laaaaaaaguna Seeeeca???

See you there
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Default Re: Posers BeWare

You're right... it's just nice to have the insane straight line acceleration. The 929, R1, GSXR are all more than we'll ever really need but we actually CAN use the big horsepower on the street. Going 100mph or even 140 on the highway really isn't that big of a deal on a sportbike. Anyone whose done it knows. They get there so quickly then decelerate back again so fast. It just feels fun and safe, no big deal... minumum danger involved.

The new Honda does need dual headlights... just looks better. I guess I'll have to wait til 2004.
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Default Re: Posers BeWare

I like the tre-headlight look just because its different. All my ride buddies bought Aria helmets I chose AGV. I just like having a different look. I'm sure that this bike will have ample power and flickability but alas its just different. My only wish is that the tank be flatter kinda like the italian bikes (makes it much easier to tuck under the windscreen).

By 2004 I'll be heading into my crusier days so I'm getting one soon...LOL
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Default STARTING to look our way?

What are you talking about? Man, they've had it out for us since Nicholas Cugenot rode his steam-powered boneshaker! 70hp is too much for the Man!

BTW, you should IMMIDIATELY appeal your conviction- there is a clear showing of bias. Don't let the f*ckers beat us down!

Go to www.nolo.com and order "Fight Your Ticket" Never, ever let them stick you with a point again!

Gabe Ets-Hokin

Just a guy in the ether...
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Default Re: 2002 CBR929RR Caught!

nah, that's a studio shot. it'd involve more than just wiping away the backround.. see any splattered bugs on the front of the bike? nope. is the steering wheel turned the way it should be if it's on it's kickstand? what happended to the bungee corded sack? what about the white stripes on the back of the bike? and the exhaust pipes aren't discolored... i just don't think mcn's graphics people are that good or that quick. and besides, not all studios have soft lighting! the seat is a little different too, there's a seam across the front seat of the gas station bike... not on the other. but you did make me notice the little PGM-FI sticker, although i'm not sure if that's news or not.
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Default Re: 2002 CBR929RR Caught!

Agreed. Ditch the cheesy boy-racer stripes and childish graphics.
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Default How about lidar?

I got a lidar ticket (in my Jeep, not the bike) last fall. They set up a trap with one guy working the gun on a tripod and several cruisers shaking people down. I did some research on lidar, and came to the conclusion that I didn't have much of a case unless I was to enter some dubious claim of illegality on the part of the police. One website with information on the subject even said that in my situation, there is virtually no defense. I would merely be rolling the dice that the cop didn't show up for the trial. If he did, not only would I be convicted, but have to pay court costs over and above the amount of the ticket. B as in B, S as in S!!!
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Default Re: 2002 CBR929RR Caught!

Honda's make incredible motorcycles. They always have. The 929 is no slouch. Sure it isn't QUITE as fast as the GSXR or R1, but it is by no means slow. The 929 isnt a track weapon , its a real nice, fast streetbike that is capable of scrubbing with the best. Its super reliable, doles out gobbs of easy to use power, its very light , and its surprisingly comfortable. Sure, if you need something to replace your missing balls, the GSXR is what your looking for. And if you want to go with fads and looks instead of worrying about build quality and longevity , the R1 is for you. But if you aren't some 18 year old punk looking to impress your stupid girlfriend, and you want a bike you can USE and rely on , the Honda is the grown MAN'S choice- everything else is an expensive toy. Also , the 929 and 900 are not even comparible other than the fact that they are both built by honda. Every bike is an evolution of its predecessor , otherwise every company would have to start from square one when they thought of something new, and you guys would never get those rediculously fast crouch rockets you demand if things weren't the way the were. And one more thing- if you guys think back a little bit , you might remember that HONDA INVENTED THE TRUE SUPERBIKE.
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