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Default Re: People said MO was crazy, but...

I find it amusing, and very telling, that the porno industry is leading the web in determining new ways to do business. (What the hell, it was the porno business that made videotape a viable medium.) Maybe that's your possible solution; hire someone from the porno business to give you pointers. At least the interview process would be interesting.
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Default Re: The 90 percent model doesn

With all respect, you're comparing apples and oranges. The WSJ print subscription is $178/year, rather than the modest suggested donation MO is requesting. Second, WSJ is a daily business newspaper with very little entertainment value (particularly over the past year as we watched our portfolios tank), whereas MO doesn't publish daily but still (at least in my opinion) is reasonably entertaining and informative. Donating a couple of bucks shouldn't hurt that much - after all, we're debating a suggested donation ($ 11.95) which isn't more than a few tankfuls of gas for my ride.

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Default Re: People said MO was crazy, but...


You're right, of course. You guys need to run your business the way you want to run it, and you certainly don't have to reveal your financial information to me. As a user of the site, it's my job to let you know *what* I want to see, not *how* you should run your business. I don't think you were ranting at all.

I agree with most of the other posters, though. If you go pay-only, I might or might not get around to trying it out. I was a motorcycle fanatic before I first saw MO, and I'll be one with or without MO in the future. MO has enriched my motorcycling experience, I just need to decide if it's worth the hassle to pay for it (if you go pay-only).

If you go pay-only, and if I were to try it out, the content needs to be first-rate, or I won't renew my subscription. What do I consider to be first-rate content?

1) News - timely and complete coverage of all road-based motorcycle news, whether it be about racing, products, people, manufacturers, rallys, legislation, general happenings, whatever.

2) Roadracing coverage - timely and complete coverage of at least 500/250/125 GP, World Superbike, and AMA Superbike and 600 Supersport road racing. That means both results and actual write-ups of every single race, posted within 24 hours of the actual race... every time.

3) Reviews - Like so many people, I love the comparison tests of the latest crop of bikes, but I can get that from print mags for very little $. I'd like to see more reviews of gear, everything from helmets to boots, from bike camping gear to go-fast bits to safety equipment to touring equipment. And by review, I mean more than regurgitation of the product brochure, since I can get that from the manufacturer. I mean actual usage of the product and honest reporting of how well it worked (or didn't work). You guys love bike stuff, and, unlike the rest of us, you're in a unique position to try out lots and lots of it. Not having to waste my time (and money) trying out a useless product because I could not find a decent review of it is worth something to me.

4) Technical articles - many people think that the best parts of the print mags are the technical articles. Whether they be about the latest suspension tech, or how to sync your carbs, they're probably the most useful information, especially as the news, reviews, and ads go out of date. I don't see too much of that here. I think it would be a welcome addition.

5) Archives - The electronic medium gives you guys an opportunity to create an usable archive of motorcycling information that puts the average stack of magazines to shame. If I want to know how much torque a my 96 VFR made when new and bone stock, it shouldn't take me 45 minutes of searching through back issues. It should take me 2.5 minutes in your archive. That's worth money to me. And don't just organize the reviews, keep all the racing results and news, too. Heck even an organized archive of advertisements would be useful. Compared to things like office space and payroll, hard drives are cheap.

That's it really. Everything else is a bonus. Just my opinion.

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Default Re: People said MO was crazy, but...

Indeed you can go to a bookstore and pick up a print magazine, to read similar content and news for free...... similiar news a MONTH or TWO later, that is.
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Default Re: People said MO was crazy, but...

"hire someone from the porno business to give you pointers. "

hhhmmmmm.....that sounds dirty but I'm sure it isn't...

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Default Re: People said MO was crazy, but...

Personally, in the past I've occasionally purchased Motocycling or some other crappy ad-magazine.

I am never satisfied... yet, I always wanted to see something about bikes, especially heading through boring airports.

MO is, in my opinion, of considerably higher quality than the drivel I read on paper, with the single exception of quantity - I'd really like to see more reviews, more often... wouldn't we all.

So, I asked myself, "Self, do you enjoy MO? If you didn't read MO regularly, how many crappy cycle mags would you buy? Would that add up to $12/year?" Answer - definitely, and yes. Therefore, economically, to me MO is definitely worth the $12/year.

That said, however, realize this - if MO had cost $12 to begin with, I wouldn't be posting this. It's got to start free, or at least have some stuff perpetually free, or you'll never get new readers (and therefore via attritition you'll end up with no readers...).
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Default Re: Web Internet

That's a very polite response. I must have ticked you off.

CycleShark.com tried to marry motorcycle journalism with direct retail sales of MC accessories. A good example of brick-and-mortar meets content type of venture. They closed down as fast as they opened. Any idea why?

Personally, I thought it might be because their retail selection was limited and over-priced. Maybe they just weren't brick-and-mortar enough.

It was a darn good idea. The journalism would draw the customers, and the margins on MC accessory purchases would sustain the business, that is, if they could get people to buy things.

Has MO ever considered aligning themselves with a large retail venture? Are there any large retail ventures in the MC market?
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Default Re: People said MO was crazy, but...

I would have a problem with a fee for one site, even this one. Why don't you guys create some form of partnership with other online motorcycle sites, like Interactive Motorcyclist and others. Come up with a formula on divying up subscription fees. A nice fee based Webring would work for me.

With one fee.

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Default Re: People said MO was crazy, but...

I think MO has a problem. If it went fee based, then maybe (or not) at first it would get enough from the current readers to pay for the site. However, new subscriptions would be non-existant.

Personally, I happily donated to MO, but if a subscription was reqiured I don't think I'd pay it.

Sorry guys...
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Default Re: People said MO was crazy, but...

Ok, after reading all these comments, I've gotta put my uninformed (actually I did read the story) two bits in:

First - MO guys, kudos to you for starting this discussion and putting up with all the "you guys suck" and "I could do it better" comments. I've not yet seen any flames from any MO staffer and, from some of the comments above, that's pretty amazing!

Regarding pay sites.

If MO thinks they can make better cash going pay only. More power to them. I would miss the site (maybe I would pay?) but MO is a business and, as such, is in business to make money. Everyone needs to support his/her bike ya know.

Regarding the Internet.

The Net is in it's infancy. The .com 'crash' was a blip. c'mon folks, just because a lot of money was made and lost doesn't mean that things are 'coming down' just shaking out. We still do not know how to use the net. Some use it for the same purpose as mail order. Some use it for sending catalogues. How much REAL "ebusiness" is there out there??? Not much.

Radio and television are supported by ad revenue because they've been around long enough for advertisers to be comfortable that the money they spend for radio adds becomes profitable. They know the type of 'listener' AND -this is important- their geographical area. The net provides great info on the 'users' preferences and all but the final profit making purchase (or whatever makes the profit) still has to come through. This alienates a number of relatively local adverisers (anyone from Canada who doesn't have a presence in the US want to advertise on MO... don't think so) as only those that sell over the net will be attractive. The prob is that selling over the net is not overly popular yet.

MO may be way ahead of it's time - advertisers have not yet grasped the advertising potential, public's not yet grasped the ways in which they can purchase safely on line, etc. etc.

The debate as to whether or not the web will be all pay is pathetic. It's too early! At the present time sites like MO have to do their best to create enough income... unfortunately against the odds as mentioned above however this does not sound the death of free sites in the future.

MO, do whatcha gotta to stay in business. If some of us get alienated... so be it. Keep us up to date with what you're doing so we can make informed decisions on what we wish to do.

That's my rant... gotta get back to work.

Thanks for the opportunity to vent, MO.
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