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Let's hope that Scott can recover from his injuries enough to be able to walk and use that arm. It would be nice to see him return to racing, but at this time, I think we should all just pray for a full recovery for Scott so that he can lead a normal life.

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Default Re: Today

Actually this is news from Scotts own website from the 16th of march. I really love the updates; but if you guys our going to plagiarize from another site then please tell us.
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Default Re: Today

I agree with you. As much as I want to see Scott back out on the track I will be happy if he has a very good recovery period. I really hope to see him on that Ducati, even if it's just the last race this year. Get well soon, Scott!

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Default Re: Today

Today's Scott Russell update? At least MotorcycleDaily.com gives a link to Scott's site. It's screamingchief.com if anyone wants to get real daily updates. By the way, give credit where credit's due you plageristic wieners.
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