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norihaga 03-13-2001 01:59 AM

Re: Weekend Madness on Ortega Highway
Too right...same crap happened to me out here in Mass. Some guy on a black or purple ZX-6, in a cloth jacket and a pair of cargo pants passes me doing a runner at about 150 through traffic. I'm on a red gsx-r, wearing full leathers.

15 miles up the road, I'm sitting in traffic, and this green Pontiac porkmobile turns on his lights about 3 meters behind me. I'm doing 55 and everyone else is doing the same, or faster.

First thing he does is tell me how I was "really flying back there", "weaving in between lanes" - I had just changed lane because the highway divided a mile ahead. As you can imagine, I was very confused, given that I hadn't done anything like that.

This moron keeps me sitting there for, I sh** you not, a full 40 minutes, while sitting in his car. He then tries to hand me a citation for failing to stop for a police officer back the highway I'd just come from.

It hadn't occurred to why he'd kept me waiting until then...these jokers can't tell one bike from another. The first bike he sees, he pulls it over, tries to pin a pretty serious charge on me. I had to explain to him the difference between a ZX-6 and a gsx-r.

In the end he relented. But how glad am I it wasn't the drug squad out to grow their arrest record.

Cops on traffic duty here are nothing more than goons with guns. I've never seen anyone stopped for actually dangerous behavior. When was the last time that guy tailgating you while applying makeup/talking to kids in backseat in the middle of a monsoon got pulled?

If they were doing actual police work, they'd be productive members of society. But at least around here the police force seems to be a form of outdoor relief for people with a petty-tyrant complex. The first order of business for any police force around here is a radar gun and a book of tickets. Then they pull you over and threaten you for the classic going 35 in a 30 zone, along an empty non-residential street.

For this they expect respect?

FLSTF 03-13-2001 02:52 AM

Re: Weekend Madness on Ortega Highway
I sincerely hope that by stating that you are a "sport biking" community, you are not one of "those" people! If you are throwing off on cruiser riders because you prefer a different style of bike, then you are perpetuating the type of intolerance that gave this article it's subject matter. If you were not then never mind. I completely agree that this behaviour is irreprehensible and should not be shrugged off. I just would truly love to see folks from our own community, motorcyclist, quit driving intolerance and division into our ranks.

hindle 03-13-2001 03:46 AM

Re: Weekend Madness on Ortega Highway
I didn't see anything about the plateless bikes. It simply says lots of people complained about getting pullled over the same day a CHP officer was beaten by a couple of riders.

I had to read through some of the comments to find out that the police officer pulled over two bikes that didn't have plates and were most likely stolen.

So go easy on the others that are asking what the cop did to provoke the attack. The probably don't realize he was just doing his job and was probably about to recover two stolen bikes.

RobGixxer750 03-13-2001 04:02 AM

Anyone ever notice Ninja's are like the number one most stolen bike? They're also the first ones to get chromed, polished, etc. They're like the sportbike for those people who wish they had cars that would go 160, not even motorcyclists hardly.

Ok, now I'm generalizing, but that's how I feel about "pimped out" Ninja's and those kinds of bikes in general.


stevegrab 03-13-2001 04:34 AM

Re: Weekend Madness on Ortega Highway
You guys need to step down from your soapboxes and look at reality. Bikes are a minority, and to the polices as well as others, one sport bike looks pretty much like the rest. They may not have a good description, or be able to distinguish the colors.

This is the same as when something happens, and they say, "the vehicle was a late model blue convertible" so the police are out stopping any blue convertible they come across to check them out.

I may not agree with this. In my area (Cleveland/Akron Ohio) we have these lunatic StarBoyz who go out riding ultra-fast ont the expressway, doing stunts and stuff. I've had some of my riding friends tell me they were stopped in some areas because the cops thought they might be one of these guys.

happens, we may not agree with it (I'm sure the AMA would be making a big fuss if riders rights rights were really being infringed) but to come into this forum and blame the police (that moron asking what he did to provoke the attack) or say that they don't do any good is a pile of crap. I sincerely hope both of you need the aid of the police some day, and they just spit in your face.

stevegrab 03-13-2001 04:38 AM

Re: Weekend Madness on Ortega Highway
Sure maybe some facts were missing (the plateless part), but why should we take it easy on these people posting stupid comments? They are the ones that are making assumptions. That the riders did nothing, that the cop did provoke the attack, or was not following procedure (that guy really takes the cake).

Like other posters have said, none of like to get tickets. And yes, sometimes the police are harassing us (only pulled over because we look like a bunch or Ricky Racers). But to come out and claim that is what's going on here, without the facts is careless.

LoganGixY2K 03-13-2001 05:23 AM

Re: Weekend Madness on Ortega Highway
Used to be stationed at March AFB and went thru Ortega Highway several times and as a rider I would hate to see it closed to sport bikes/cars.

This will definately not resolve the problem. I call it "the Napster syndrome" Thinking that by closing a highway the freak incidents and accidents will decrease.

I do a lot of extreme riding on the highway, but before I do, I make sure I'm NOT endangering other peoples lifes. Track days are good if you can afford them and if you have a track close to you.

But as for me, I'm not willing to travel 200mi every weekend to ride my bike. Besides, CHP here are real cool when it comes to sportbike riders.

Again, "... a few bad apples should NOT spoil the rest of the basket..."

NickdaBrick 03-13-2001 05:31 AM

The bikes were probably stolen,
you brain donor. In any event, I hope the cops catch the perps, give them the Rodney King treatment, throw on some pepper spray, and lock 'em up until they rot. People who steal bikes and ambush cops should be chopped up for dog meat.

john 03-13-2001 05:47 AM

Re: Weekend Madness on Ortega Highway

Although i would be willing to bet my money that these idiots in particular were either riding stolen bikes, or riding without plates to avoid identification like someone suggested above, you seem to be as one sided as magneto, who you TWICE took time to bash for expressing an opinion other than your own.

Now, as i said above, i believe that this officer was doing his job well from the little description i have of the incident. He did nothing to provoke a physical confrontation with these people.

That said, i think magneto has a valid point. Too many times at parties and other places frequently visited by officers, an officer will come in with a "i'm gonna bust your head in and throw you in jail after" attitude, that anybody would feel threatened by. Do you believe an officer has the right to strike some one to prove a point? Do you believe an officer has the right to make an example of someone? Officers are not above the law; they enforce it, but they still have to abide by it.

All i am saying is that from reading your posts, there was a definite "he was a cop, so he must have been doing the right thing, because i got pulled over once and the officer was a real swell guy" vibe off of your message. I would just like to make a comment to you, which is that the real world ain't always like that, and there are good cops and bad cops, good doctors and bad doctors, good garbagemen, and bad garbagemen. Just because someone is a cop does not mean they are inherently a good person, nor does it mean they are inclined to do the right thing.

LoganGixY2K 03-13-2001 05:51 AM

Re: Weekend Madness on Ortega Highway
Come on!!! We've never seen cops on TV showing any wrong doing!!!

Specially here in Souther California.

Not everything in life is black and white.

Nevertheless, I do truly feel sorry for this officer and with the information we have in this case, there is no doubt that the officer was doing his job.

Now, I would not worry about these two bike riders, their actions only show that their lifespan will be a very short one.

Ride & Let Ride... Peace

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