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ldimick 03-12-2001 11:03 AM

Re: Weekend Madness on Ortega Highway
The CHP has specifically refused to give the officers name. However, I can tell you that it was a male sargeant.

ldimick 03-12-2001 11:04 AM

Re: What makes me mad
I have it form another source, who hangs with the CHP, that it may have been either a board or a stick. Either way it was definitely a blunt force attack.

twobeagles 03-12-2001 11:10 AM

Re: Weekend Madness on Ortega Highway
He was doing his job, what do you think?

magneto 03-12-2001 11:31 AM

Re: Weekend Madness on Ortega Highway
What gives the police the right to pull over all riders in order to question them? Would they be doing the same thing if a civilian motorcyclist was attacked? If the officer would have followed his procedures he would not have been in such a vulnerable position.

stevegrab 03-12-2001 11:32 AM

Re: Weekend Madness on Ortega Highway
What does it matter what he did. You don't condone this, but somehow you still think it was the cops fault. Give me a break.

Have you ever seen a known criminal (like with arrest warrants) get pulled over? They run immediately and will do many crazy things just to prevent getting caught (because that means going to jail). So I doubt this officer did anything to provoke this attack, other than his job (in this case possibly trying to recover some stolen bikes, which we should appreciate).

midlifecrisis 03-12-2001 11:34 AM

Re: Weekend Madness on Ortega Highway
Hey jerkoff

Obviously, the officer was doing his job, why refer to his contact with these anonymous bikers as an initiation? Last time I checked, the police were sworn to protect and serve, what leads you to believe he deserved being assaulted? Are you assuming he was in the wrong, and by that logic, saying he got what was coming?

stevegrab 03-12-2001 11:34 AM

Re: Weekend Madness on Ortega Highway
I think it is called probably cause. You (your bike) looked like it fit the description (you really think they can tell one model/brand from another).

Its the same thing that gets somebody pulled over after a robbery or other crime happens in a neighborhood. You fit the description, so they want to check you.

bluedot 03-12-2001 11:42 AM

You mean other than physical descriptions of bikes and rider
What do you mean it wouldn't show much?

itsmygixer 03-12-2001 12:14 PM

Re: Weekend Madness on Ortega Highway
What a moron you are, magneto! the cops have the right to investigate crimes by stopping anyone who fits the description of someone who committed a crime. Think about the location of where this happened. How many "outs" are there on the Ortegas? There's one in O.C. and one in Elsinore. Quick action can catch the guys who did this. And speaking of procedure....what would you know about procedure for stopping a couple of guys out trying to scrape some pegs? It seems you have a problem with doing the right thing. I'm suprised you don't just come out and say it...."It was all the cop's fault!" Right? Most of the comments have been positive toward this officer who was doing his job, however you did not seem to get the point.

water73 03-12-2001 12:18 PM

Re: Weekend Madness on Ortega Highway
is there any disciption of the looser who did this.


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