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stevegrab 03-06-2001 09:27 AM

Re: Donate Now, Or Pay Later, Part Duex
Once again I really appreciate your comments.

You mentioned something about knowing what content you will put up, but usually not being able to allowed to tell. That is a shame, because I think that would be another good idea for you guys. For example I've seen mention of the other shooutout (SV650, ZR-7, Montser 600/900) and think it would be nice if you guys had some way of listing the reviews you're currently working on, and approximately when you plan to post them.

That would really assist readers in finding the information they want. And allow you a central place to give us updates on changes in the scheduled release of a review (like the 600 shootout).

I also like how you take your reader feedback. As you grow, and decide to do more reviews, you could use polls to ask the users what they want reviewed.

PS Best of luck, I'll probably cave in and donate something soon (depends on how tough the click through becomes when implemented).

blip 03-06-2001 09:42 AM

Re: Donate Now, Or Pay Later, Part Duex
No no, the stuff we know that's going to happen in advance is things like the Honda VTX press intro. We get invited and get media information early so we can prepare for the story/intro in advance.

In return for going to the intro and getting the media stuff in advance of the official announcement from the company, we agree not to publish anything about the bike before a certain date.

Once, took that date literally: Grenwich Mean Time, so the story (I think it was the Honda F2) came up in the afternoon pacific standard time the day before the embargo. Honda was none too pleased with my (lame) explanation! Now, the embargos say "Pacific Standard Time" on them ;-)

Anyway, lots of stuff is embargoed, and it's funny that, over the years, people haven't caught on. Remember when the R1 came out years ago, and we first said it was a V-Twin, then a 750, then it wasn't coming to the US (hint, hint right here), the, WOW! it's a 1000 that IS coming to the US. We couldn't report that the R1, 1000cc bike was coming to the US, so we ran pictures of it anyway and made "speculation" about what it was. All in good fun, and the Yamaha guys are pretty good-natured, they thought it was funny too, though they probably thought (think?) we're nuts, as "they" say you're not supposed to do that stuff. Journalists, and especially Editors, can be pretty boring and self-righteous.

Err, anyway, where was I? Oh, yes, the take feedback for reviews: we did that with this year's 600cc test, the readers voted to make it more subjective and street oriented. Which we did, and we got flamed! Last time we listen to you, for sure!

Just kidding, we get flamed no matter what we do. After a while, it's kinda funny.

nebo 03-06-2001 09:52 AM

Re: You are NOT the man who would give his life for his brot
I just paid $15. I subscribe to all the biggy bike mags and when they come in the mail I find I already know most of the stuff in them because I saw it here first. You guys give good reviews, I can find old stuff easy, so you can have my money. I bet most of the folks who won't pay are just cheapskates- don't give to charity, church, or bums on the street. Well you can't take it with you fellas so why not blow some of it here...

do a test on Givi hard bags please.

desertbilly 03-06-2001 11:12 AM

IMO, Not in this case
I've got a neighborhood weekly newspaper that is free and occasionally asks for contributions that I have no sympathy for, but I think this is a different situation. They already have a large advertising revenue stream.

Internet media is a brand new industry that is trying to crawl out of the test tube and stay alive. Anyone who's in, or related to, or has invested in the industry knows it's extremely difficult and the odds are very poor. The run of the mill sites are falling like flies. But MO has gotten itself off the ground and is in the black. How many other Internet sites can say the same. I'm willing to donate $12 for a year or two to see if MO can make it to the next level (not that there's anything wrong with the current level) that includes more content, more interactivity, and more segmented features.

Yeah, MO could go all-pay, or they could stay all-free. Both would have significant costs and benefits. The (presumably interim) request for donations is a reasonable compromise between the two, IMO. It also gives people time to think about the transition and discuss their opinions about it. I was reluctant to pay at first, but after thinking about it decided it made sense for me. Of course, some people don't like compromise solutions, and that's all right. But I think it's the lesser of the three evils.

Interestingly, this, like most, media initiatives is a critical mass situation: It will be hard to get the first several thousand members, but once they are in place, more advertisers will be willing to pay more, which will increase revenue, which will increase content, which will increase membership, etc., etc.


EatenByAGrue 03-06-2001 11:34 AM

Re: Donate Now, Or Pay Later, Part Duex
Doesn't work. I have the same problems - right now my user settings are for nested, but defaults to threaded.

blip 03-06-2001 12:13 PM

Re: Your server doesn
Alan -- you need to have 128-bit encryption in your browser. All the lastest ones support it.

We decided to use such strong encryption because of the unfounded fears of online purchasing, and on a go-forward basis, all new broswers are supporting it.

blip 03-06-2001 12:23 PM

Re: Donate Now, Or Pay Later, Part Duex
While logged in, try going to and

loggin out by clicking on the "Exit" button, then logging back in and

changing the Comments to how you like. This will reset your cookie.

moonline 03-06-2001 12:55 PM

Yeah, but the reviews are still soft
Your reviews are better than those in the major mags, but I am still to read one that concludes the bike sucks. Is that because you are afraid to piss off a manufacturer and not get any future test bikes from them? If had the cajones to say "don't buy this heap" (they are out there; I have bought them) I would happily donate. As it is, I will grudglingly donate some small amount.

I will save money, I suppose, but reading the other magazines for free at Border's.

CBR1000F 03-06-2001 01:04 PM

Re: Donate Now, Or Pay Later, Part Duex
I'm sorry, I have to throw this in, and I know it's gonna piss off Brent, who I kinda like, through chatting with him/reading his comments and articles:

1. They're turning a profit. He said so.

2. Their profit is not as much as they want it to be.

3. This is called "operating in a free market"

4. They believe they can keep 15% of their readership if they go to being a paysite. Maybe they can, but how much of the $1M advertising revenue are they going to LOSE when their advertisers find out that they've lost 85% of their readership? And how do you think they'll want to make up the loss?

5. To Quote Brent "Our pledge here at MO is to spend 100% of fee revenue on more and better content, as well as a better, more user-friendly site. Further, we'd be happy to discuss, at year's end, where this money was spent with any donor over $50. " Well...

I believe that they'll set out with great intention to do that very thing, but will it last? As far as the discussing how the extra revenue is spent, the DMV does that very same thing, and who believes THEIR chart?

6. I WILL be one of the ones paying my fee for the 1st year, provided that they use a login/password instead of the cookies deal. I empty my cookies out all the time, and I'll forget and lose it otherwise, but when (not if) their advertising revenue plummets and they want to raise the subscription fee, you can count me out. I do believe that in a lot of ways they provide much better coverage than print mags, and we have the opportunity to give them nearly-realtime feedback, which they actually LISTEN to, so it's worth some money, but when you have to use up your paper and ink to get a hard-copy, it shouldn't cost us MUCH.

CBR1000F 03-06-2001 01:07 PM

Re: Yeah, but the reviews are still soft
To begin with, it's almost impossible to buy a bad motorcycle these days.

Also, they HAVE done reviews where it was obvious that they didn't like the bike. Read their review of the Bandit 1200 about 2 years ago.

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