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Default Re: Donate Now, Or Pay Later, Part Duex

I made my donation. I would like to see an article about the best buys in the used bike market or better yet a weekly column re: a bike that would be a great used buy.


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Default Re: Donate Now, Or Pay Later, Part Duex

Fallen -- kinda a morbid screen name?

Question 1) You can save in nested mode, go to

/user.motml and click on the "Comments" button, and you can set them to be in nested mode, and your threshold.

We're working hard on product comparisons. We signed up to be an affiliate with Competition Accessories, and they had the same complaint: MO needs more product comparisons. The problem has been that we haven't had time to keep relationships with all the different vendors/suppliers, but we're working hard on that now. Competition Accessories has also agreed to sell us anything for review purposes at steeply discounted rates, so a lot of the stuff we're just buying, which makes life much, much easier. Of course, we need additional revenues to do that.

As for tires specifically, I think Metzeler Rennsports are the best DOT-legal tire I've ever ridden on. They're simply amazing. Every time I think of how much more fun our 600cc shootout was in the afternoon when we'd switched to the Rennsports (especially from the two bikes that had those horrid Dunlop D207s on them), I get all excited and amped up to go back to the track! And I consider myself more of a cruiser guy. A close second is Michelin's Pilot Sports, they're awesome too. Dunlops are a distant third, and I haven't tested any Avons in a long while.
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Default Re: D@#n You!

I too agree that there needs to be an alternative to the cookie! I access MO several times a day and often from various machines, so really a yearlong cookie would do me no good. Not to mention that clearing cookies is a VERY common step when a machine is in constant use (such as my work machine). Your site already loads a cookie with every registered user logon, so if you could simply modify the logon script to specify which cookie should be loaded then that would be great!

I just want to say this is my first post and that MO is by far the best site on the net, so as soon as you get this cookie deal figured out I will gladly donate for continued success and improvement!

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Default Re: Donate Now, Or Pay Later, Part Duex

First you ask us our opinion on turning this into a pay site. Realising that would be the end of MO you are now asking for donations? This is very strange. Brent if you really need to get a new bike give us an address to so we can send checks, cash, and money orders.
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Default Re: Donate Now, Or Pay Later, Part Duex

I think this is a good idea.

- MC
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Default Re: Donate Now, Or Pay Later, Part Duex

I think that it is out of the question for this site to remain viable as a pay site or to request donations. The main attration for MO is the domain name it lets lazy people find the site very quickly. Other than that for there isn't much of a reason to come to this site. For timely information I go to:

For race info: http://www.amasuperbike.com/

For general info: http://www.motorcyclenews.com/home/index.asp

For breaking news: http://www.motorcycledaily.com/

All of these sites are free and they normally scoop you by several days on any story. The print version of Roadracing World normally even has informatiion out before you do.

In any event, I hope things go well for you in the future no matter what direction you decide to take the site.
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Default My Reply, Part Duex

in a reply to "Donate now...Part 1", i mentioned that there are just too many good, free sites out there on the internet to all of the sudden start charging for this site. i stand by what i say, and i also add that i pay about $.83 a month for my Cycle World Magazine subscription. i have time and again looked through my magazines over the years for previous articles, tests, dyno figures etc. i don't see how you could provide such a convenience. about the only thing you can give me that the magazine can't is instant up-to-the-minute news - a service many other sites provide. For this i will gladly visit your site.
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Default Re: Donate Now, Or Pay Later, Part Duex

I have to agree with this. And all the comments of MO making it sound like they are the greatest, and all the print magazines are crap (and not objective) is BS.

Here are some facts

1) You are the best online MC magazine.

2) You do provide far more reviews of bikes and products than any online magazine.

3) You are not the most timely with news, but there are many other news sites.

But what you say about your reviews being more subjective, and not "sanitizing your content" is just your opinion. I see the print magazines taking a lot of flack at times for being

You are not necessarily the most timely with bike reviews or shootous. Even though you can do the story, and post it on the web relatively quickly, this doesn't mean you always beat the print mags. Plus, realize that most of us who have print mag subsriptions get them pretty early (like the April issue in late Feb.).

To prove this (I mentioned it once before in a post), the April Motorcyclist had a open class (R1/929/ZX9/GSXR1000, not GSXR750) shootout, but I haven't seen yours. Likewise, the April Cycle World has an interesting comparison of the trio of GSXR (600/750/1000). I haven't finished it yet, but I think they're attempting to tell you why you would want/need one over the other. Your magazine also hasn't done this (and may not plan to). Sorry, I don't mean to whine, but simply point out that there is content in the print magazines before you, or that you'll never have.

Now there's all this talk of donations, but you only need the money to grow. That is also a problem for some people. As they feel that the growth may not be in things they care about, so why should they give you money to do it.
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Default Are you a dunce?

I am amazed that you have taken the time to contact "most" of the people on this sight to determine that they do not find this magazine to have any merit whatsoever. I was unaware that you were appointed the "Arbiter of good taste" for this sight. Next time you have a brain storm, stand up to give your brain some fresh air. In the mean time, if you don not like the sight get the hell off.
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Default Re: Donate Now, Or Pay Later, Part Duex

Did either of you bother to read the article I wrote above? Apparently not. Which is frustrating.

We will be hugely successful as a pay site. Read the article above to find out the status.

I like amasuperbike.com and motorcycledaily.com, I wish them well and we link off-site to them when they have interesting content, but they're news sites. Both combined are a small fraction of the size of MO, in fact, MO is larger than all other content sites combined. We do not care to compete in the news arena (and neither of those sites has WSB or GP reports before us, as we have live reporters there, which neither site can afford to do). And you missed the site/magazine that has the news and race reporting covered: Cycle News. As I said above, neither news or race results aren't our primary goal(s), feature articles are, and I don't see any multi-bike shootouts at the sites you list, nor any bike reviews of the caliber or depth in which MO publishes.

An analogy: You're comparing Cycle World to Roadracing World, massive circulation (330,000) Vs. specialty magazine (12,000). Of course we won't compete with every specialty site around, and that's fine, it's not our core competency, which is reviews. News is generally boring to read and do, thus MO (and the feature-oriented print magazines) are significantly -- even orders of magnitude -- bigger than specialty "books." As I said above, we expect 90% of our revenues will come from review readers.

Anyway, best of luck to you both...
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