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Default Re: National Buffoon's European Vacation.

numero uno....since you are in italy come on over to ireland and you'll get all the traffic madness that rome has to offer with the bonus of rain......

and also some IOM style road racing this weekend ...
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Default Re: National Buffoon's European Vacation.

Get real, Gabe! How many hot Italian chicks hang out here?!

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Default Re: National Buffoon's European Vacation.

Hi Gabe,

I am not Italian but I have been there many times. Enjoy your time over there. I believe that Italians are great people: They love life and beauty and it is so much fun to interact with them. The traffic in the middle of summer in Rome is really nothing enjoyable: It's all heat and madness. I had to drive to the center of Rome a few years ago and there is a picture that stays in my mind :I was the first bike, stopped at an intersection and very soon , I was surrounded by four cars in what was supposed to be a two lanes street. Then a couple of scooters squeezed in, 2 or 3 bicycles, and a couple of pedestrians. When I looked across the intersection, I saw a similar line up on the opposite side. Behind me, my son, who was 6 at the time, shouted :" Dad, this is the grand finale, you must go for it!. "

That's why even the Pope gets out of there in the summer.

Instead, ask Yossef to hook you up for a ride in Tuscany, the Dolomites or the surroundings of Rome and you will appreciate that much more.
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Default Re: National Buffoon's European Vacation.


Been to Rome several times.

My advice: Take a bus or taxi! Although the city traffic is not Oriental-level nutzo, it is up there.

A story: I had a day off, and decided to check out the Vatican. I'm walking up the street along the Vatican City wall. The one-way (towards me) street curves around to the right. No traffic. Suddenly, I hear a growing buzzy wail coming from up the street.

Around the corner comes a phalanx of a couple dozen scooters; the riders range from suits, to kids with their butts off the inside of the seat, to terrified-looking young ladies.

It looked like the first turn in a Supermoto event!

Enjoy Roma! It is a great city!
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Default Roman Holiday

Ah, renting a scooter in Rome - truly one of the highlights of my motorcycling career. After a day of footing it, I trade my tennies for a rental Hyosoung 125 and suddenly weÂ’re Peck and Hepburn loose in the eternal city. With wifey navigating (laminated flip map), itÂ’s literally five minutes site to site. The efficiency is a total rush; think about a destination and BOOM, youÂ’re there.

The Game:

Filter to the Front – betwixt car, curb, sidewalk, whatever …. Get to the front and drop the hammer on Green (Scooter GP)

Ride the Centerline – Hey there’s 3 useful feet between lanes – uh oh, now I’m playing chicken with another scoot going the other direction!

Park Wherever - alley, sidewalk, café, etc. – fuggetaboutit, it’s a rental

Piazzas – Most are paved, but pedestrian only – rental stickers on your scoot and helmets provide apologies to the locals.

Roundabouts – Glorious, but disorienting after a couple trips around (posing for photos)

Overall – If you start slow, play it safe, and make an effort to decipher the signage I’ll guarantee you some great stories - (we ended up in the middle of parade).

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