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Default Re: Donate Today or Pay Tomorrow

Try PayPal, it's very likely that quite a few more

people use it, considering the affiliation with Ebay. If you provide PayPal, I've give you *10 dollars*, yes *10 dollars*, with which you might be able to afford a box of pencils or something.

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Default Questions about the other 95% for Blip


MO is asking for my money does that mean I should pay for information that I can't use? MO can keep all of the track/strip garbage content. Just don't cry when 95%+ of the riders don't toss cash at them.

You say MO doesn't care about about the other 95%+ of the riders? Really? Lets ask: Blib are you asking everyone other than sportbike/track racers to take a hike? If that is the case why doesn't MO change the name to Sportbikes and Track-daze?

I'm riding a "sporty naked bike" right now. Their is very little chance of riding it at current performance limit on the street. If MO does an evaluation on this bike at the track/strip the info wouldn't do much for me.

Didn't one of the last polls ask for more "all around coverage?" You think this e-mag is working just fine with all of the track/racer content? Really? Why is Blip asking for cash...?

Maybe I don't understand MO's money issues? The current format isn't paying the bills. MO will have to change to pay the bills. I bet MO is looking at the other 95%+ and just dreaming about all of that missed cash. Blip, would you like to tap into that segment?

MO goes on and on about how print magazines make big bucks and they want to do the same. Guess what? Rider Magazine has dumped quarter mile times...

I think I toss in a few bucks just to remind MO that I want my monies worth.... Are you going to pay?


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Default Re: Donate Today or Pay Tomorrow

Quit whining and make MO a pay site already! If your product is good, we will pay. So I guess it's time to "Put Up or Shut Up" for everyone. Think you are working hard now? Think we and complain now? Wait until you have the pleasure of satisfying PAYING MO customers.

PS. I like the obnoxious posts from obnoxious people in the news forums. Don't F^$* with that.

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Default Re: Donate Today or Pay Tomorrow

here's a perfect example of why so many .coms are going down in flames.

i'm all psyched to make a donation. i click "donate now." i fill in $50! i click "pay now." but wait! we need your password. (sorry, i can't keep up with all the passowrds in my life.) i click "forgot password?" but wait again, you haven't answered all the questions properly in order for us to authorize a change of passwords. please call our customer service line at...

guess what guys, i'm outta here. i love your site. i check in several times a day. i was willing to pay $50 to help the cause. but amazon just doesn't get it. sure they can give books away for less than cost, but i don't have a lot of faith in them ever turning a profit.

don't make it hard for people to do business with you!!!

now, MO, please find a better way to solicit donations and i'll make one.
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Default Payment is the future

I"ll pay. I payed for Consumer Reports online. That has been worth every penny. It's worth it just because I don't have to keep a box of back issues laying around for whet I have to buy a new washer. The MO archives are worth the same. Maybe, with money they can set up a user rating system like epinions or the old deja to help track long-term performance. If they do, they'll need money.

People expect free content on the internet because in the beginning there were no commercial sources of content. Everyone did it for fun and for free. When commercial sites came out they had to compete and be as free as possible. Now that's changing a bit. It costs a lot of money for good servers and the bandwidth for a busy site. MO isn't some guy who's a sysadmin during the day and runs a site part-time. They do it for a living.

Finally, consider this-- Most of the people that read MO probably have cable TV. You pay for that and most of it is crap. At least at this site I know that I'll at least get information on motorcycles.
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Default Re: Exhibit "A"

There is a vast difference between someone stating their opinion, someone attempting to get a flame war started and someone who intentionally states incorrect facts in an effort to be hurtful &/or derogatory towards others.

The last 2 examples are infantile and a waste of time. Let me put it in another way...perhaps you like Jerry Springer...I don't waste my time with such nonsense, preferring to watch shows like Hannity & Colmes. Also, comedy in and of itself if fine, as is evident from many of my past posts. I like it when people are witty, even sarcastic and ultimately passionate about their machines. Good-natured ribbing is an important part of getting along & I myself have been guilty on occasion of making fun of my friend's rides. What I absolutely can't stomach is the dweeb who can post nothing more than "Duh, (insert M/C brand)'s suck! Duh, my bike is faster than your bike! Duh, my d!ck is bigger than yours!" For a free site, I am willing to wade through this type of garbage. But now I should pay for it?!

Please don't tell me to "liven" up. I have quite a complete life. I just have one character flaw that is my own to deal with...I have zero tolerance for stupidity. However, I did decide to take your advice on hobbies. I invite you to take a look at the stamps I collected. You see, I stuck 'em to the rail of the "B" train at the Canal Street station. Go ahead, climb down and take a look...I'll be sure to let you know if I spot a train.

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Default Re: Donate Today or Pay Tomorrow

We (my girl-friend and I) purchased our first computer about 4 years ago. Now she has a laptop and I use this 233mhz dinosaur for playing games and surfing etc....The reason I finally broke down and bought a computer was I felt we might be missing some of the free knowledge the Net had to offer. I think now that I have got to see most of the internets content for free; paying for some of it wouldn't be a bad idea. I just have doubts about the whole internet thing now the way things have been going since I first got this computer. I still have a dial up modem, I have a slow old pentium chip and the hard drive I have (4 gig) doesn't even exist on the market no more. I ask my fellow readers if I start paying for MO and other sites I like do you think I need to upgrade alot of things? I think I do, plus I'm so lazy like most of us Americans I'd just rather keep my computer the way it is and go buy a good paper magazine no? I want feedback here on the whole computer state of mind and the whole internet pay model. I mean we all pay for our ISP's plus we all love MO and other sites, but they all seem to want money! I have made no solid point yet have I? Ok well my point is simple, I'm a whiner like brent, I'd rather sit and wait to see what happens to MO before I pay if I pay at all. I also wonder if the internet is going to change drastically over the next 3 years to where I should wait to upgrade my computer to the latest Pentium or AMD 70 freakoherts super earth-silicon titanium oxide cmos fart chip deluxe!!!!! I am going absolutely insane here my fellow readers help me and I can't stand throwing more money at a thing that sits on a desk in my spare room that has these frigging colorful pipes come on after 20 minutes!!!!!
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Default True dat

Hell yeah!! Well said. I don't want to sit around all day on hold or waiting for an email to tell me what my password is that I haven't used in ages, not to mention they won't let you re-register the same email address. I was waiting forever for my MO new password email. All because you guys wanted me to register.!!!!
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Default Re: Go Nonprofit if you want people to donate... I

Hell yeah, I would donate if I could get a deduction. I tried earlier also but you know that amazon thing was broke... Once again, making it hard to do the right thing.
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Default Re: The longer you stay away from pay, the better

Financial success nitwit. Or are you flaming on the wrong thread?
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