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Default Yeah, you

We're definitely more on the same page then you thought. I probably come across as being pretty hostile just given how reader feedback turns out. You suck! No huh! Ya huh! Flames aplenty. It's too bad really. Maybe that will change when 85% of people split.

I feel sorry for you dealing with copyright issues on the internet. The explosion of information, and the lack of payment for any of it is tough. People expect and assume it's free. No one believes that taking copyrighted information and doing whatever they want with it is wrong or illegal. Look at Napster.

Well, I'll pay when you go that way (I know I said I wouldn't when you asked the first time). What else am I going to do at the office? Just promise me you'll steal someone's SB8 and speed around on it.
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Default Re: Donate Today or Pay Tomorrow

I just tried to donate and Amazon rejected it, saying that it was not working. Firther, 2.95 is the minimum the "one-click" will take. I'll try later but if you are going to ask for money, you might want to have it together at that time.
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Default Re: Donate Today or Pay Tomorrow

Every day we read about another dot-com scaling back or just flat going tango uniform. Disney, no fly-by-night outfit, pink-slipped 500 from its net outlets in the past two months. The fact is that nobody's sure how to make net media pay their own way, and subscriptions may be inevitable. I hope y'all stick around for a while, so I'll ante up.

After Motorcyclist's snide remarks about MO ("Tear-Off's", 4/01) I'm interested to see how they approach the problem. Can they produce a newsy format like MO, with daily updates and hot-off-the-press features? Or will they just recycle 2-month old print material? Kenny Roberts once said about handling sponsors, "Never give away to one guy what you make someone else pay for." That, I think, is the crux of the dilemma faced by a print pub going to the net.
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Default Re: Donate Today or Pay Tomorrow

They just did the same to me after takeing my name rank and credit card number BTW I really hate that.
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Default Re: Donate Today or Pay Tomorrow

Brent, Like many of us, I check MO a few times a day. You ask whether I am willing to pay (donate?) to view a few blips (no pun) of info a day? No. There are ten other sites that I can get similar info for free (ie 2wf).

By the time the number of motorcycle E/N sites dwindles to a few, the value of those sites to advertisers will certainly make them profitable.

Why can't MO affiliate itself with a business or orginization that offers a value-added benefit? Obviously, this would kill the "subjective, independent reporting" that MO aims for, but you gotta make money just like everyone else.

Maybe an AMA partnership? I refuse to join the AMA because they waste members' money on paper, anti-helmet laws, and director salaries... But add MO to the list of benefits including discounts on gear, insurance, and what not- The AMA might be worth Joining. Throw in some columnist writings from some of the American Motorcylist journalists, and you would have something worth paying for.

Thanks for listening to reader feedback.

-Jon in SF, CA
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Default Re: Donate Today or Pay Tomorrow

Well, well, well...This is very similar to the E-H story.

So, where's the loyality here? Most of you guys were hangin' out here for years, enjoying the freebies, and now, when you gotta pay for it you'll just split, saying f*ck you, goodbye? Where's that famous " biker camaraderie "?

It's like saying " go to hell " to a good friend, just because he's asking for a little money which he actually worked hard for?

Why don't we think about it, before forecasting such a dark future? Imagine this: we can all keep continue to busting each other's balls while reading the better and bigger MO. Yuhe!
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Default Re: Donate Today or Pay Tomorrow

dang it, amazon is busted. I like how they say MO is unable to accept payments when they're messed up.

They're working on it.
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Default Re: Donate Today or Pay Tomorrow

Speaking of racetrack... Just how much do you waste on renting racetracks and drags strips?

How about getting back to running the bikes on the street where 99% of us ride them? You could use that wasted money on track time and spend it on a two-week tour run. I think your cost and bottom line would look much better. Heck you might even have something worth reading.

I'm 36 and buy a new bike every other year. I couldn't give a rats ass about quarter mile times and top end speed testing. My back and ass are getting to old for most of todays phony race bikes.

Here is what I have owned in the last few years:

'96 Glod Wing Aspencade - 55K miles

'99 883 Sportster - 6K miles

'00 ZR-7 - 5K miles

So, tell me why I should pay you to be my main source for bike information...


'00 ZR-7
\'00 Kawasaki ZR-7
\'02 Suzuki Bandit 1200S
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Default Re: Gone Within Two Years!? Unique Content?


It seems that everyone is assiduously avoiding mention of amasuperbike.com, which DOES provide up to the minute racing information, legislative information, provides free classifieds, does not require registration, and DOES have new motorcycle reviews and comparison features.

What is also NOT being mentioned is that EVERY site is posting PRESS RELEASES from teams, manufacturers, organizations, and racing series. Many sites (and many times) these press releases are being passed off as if they are unbiased news reports and/or original news scoops. That is a farce and those doing it KNOW exactly what they are doing.

I'm not writing to criticize M.O., Brent. I know you and your few staffers are working hard. Your in depth motorcycle reviews are pretty good. (Your product reviews need a LOT of work--feel free to ask me privately.) Honestly, M.O. does post as many or more of these press releases as any other site on the internet and they make up the bulk of the "news" available at M.O. No, M.O. never seems to claim that they are exclusive news stories. But the point is, M.O. is not the only site where the information is available.

Also, there has been no mention of Roadracing World & Motorcycle Technology which has about a one-week lead time prior to its monthly publication, not 3 months like the glossy magazines. RW does an EXCEPTIONAL job in its motorcycle reviews and in depth journalism.

Against all the other available sources (even without any print subscriptions), M.O. really needs to bring something unique to the table to make it standout from the crowd.

HINT: I think M.O. can succeed where CycleShark failed but NOT as a retailer. (Yeah, I know, a little obtuse but I'd be happy to clarify that for you.)
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Default Re: Donate Today or Pay Tomorrow

Testing sportbikes on the street is dangerous. I've plucked employees out of the hospital after street accidents on sportbikes, and I'll not do it again.

The costs of racetracks are comparitively little.
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