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bmwdude 05-23-2006 07:04 AM

Re: The Speeding Game
Good point public roads. There are limits that we must impose on ourselves or we may all lose our right to ride. The one bad apple rule.

As for myself, all I want to do is get through my 59 mile each way commute as quick and safe as possible. I can't stress the point enough that the roads I commute on are empty except for a few other commuters, and some big rigs. I heard interstate 50 described as the road to no where. It truly is. Not like out west but as close as you can get on the east coast.

Anyway, yes, speed freaks need to go to the track. All I want to do is to commute in peace. Taking other folks and bambi into account.

SRMark 05-23-2006 07:05 AM

Re: The Speeding Game
It is all about picking your spots and that comes from familiarity. If I have to travel the open road (interstate) I look for a pair of quick moving vehicles and try to work my way, not obnoxiously so, in between them. That gives you a shield front and back. No guarantee that both you and your shield won't be pulled over but most cops aren't greedy. Here in Maryland they do pull multiple vehicles to the shoulder when they are operating speed traps though. If I have no other traffic to mix in with I just slow down. The range of radar is too great to be able to react in time if you don't use a radar detector. I try to avoid the interstate at all cost. Around here, just to your north and east, it is more about deer and bear than speeding tickets. It is also wise to keep an eye out for kids. I have zero pity for a fool speeding any where near a residence and here in the mountains that can be just about any where. Know your roads.

johnnyb 05-23-2006 07:11 AM

Re: The Speeding Game
anybody see couple days ago in the news, new record? 1 in 136 Americans is in jail.

In LA, they'll only incarcerate you if it's a violent offense i read. Feel free to just file those tickets away like Johnny in American Graffiti...

ksquid 05-23-2006 07:12 AM

Re: The Speeding Game
True but I have actually detected lidar before I was in his direct line of site.. i.e. he hit the cars infront of me..but I was lucky he must of been sloppy with his aim. You are right Jammers are the way to go..

Most county mounties and city cops still use radar...Lidar is used predomintly by the State Troopers...

ksquid 05-23-2006 07:17 AM

Re: The Speeding Game
Ya never stop do ya..:)

sarnali 05-23-2006 07:21 AM

Re: The Speeding Game
The last ticket I got was for 89 in a 60 on my Dyna. The WSP had an airplane up and had half a dozen people pulled over within a few miles so I didn't feel too bad about it. The Officer was really decent and knocked it down to 73 in a 60. In Washington 20 over is reckless driving so he really did me a favor. I just sent them a check and figured it was the cost of business. This was on a limited access highway through some nice rolling foothills, (mountains to you east coaster's) in the middle of the day so I figured the deer would be bedded down and the Dyna sounded so good running about 5k or so, I jes' couldn't hep' my sef' ..

My stratagy for speeding is stick close to the limit in town and as fast as I feel like anywhere else. If I get a ticket I just pay the damn thing, it's not like I didn't know any better. Certain roads and certain times of day I'm more worried about deer and elk than cops anyway.

sarnali 05-23-2006 07:22 AM

Re: The Speeding Game
Take their shoes too. That'll slow them down walking for help.........

Umm, carry on.

BrowningBAR 05-23-2006 07:23 AM

Re: The Speeding Game
Sounds like the perfect place for Bigdx.

ksquid 05-23-2006 07:34 AM

Re: The Speeding Game
"I-70 between Salina, Ut and the Colorado" My friend and I were thrown in jail in Grand Jct as juvenilles when his turbo RX-7 (with ground effects kit) was caught doing 130.on that stretch...Utah road block stopped us.."Down on the ground boys", a Trooper said with gun drawn...Made us wait in the back of his car with no AC in July for 2 hours till CSP picked us up. My friend lost his license paid a big fine and did some community service... I got a lecture by the judge. Dad and him were pals..Jail is pretty scary when you are 17...

bmwdude 05-23-2006 07:35 AM

Re: The Speeding Game
Speaking of DX, where's he been? If his subscription has run out we need to take up a collection. Beyond pure entertainment, he keeps all our wives satisfied! This leaves us with the energy we need to ride our bikes.

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