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moonline 02-22-2001 05:57 AM

Re: DJs Tell Motorists to Hit Cyclists
Apparently, the email address for at the end of your message is not valid, as I the email I wrote to the station was just returned.

cbrxr 02-22-2001 06:06 AM

Re: DJs Tell Motorists to Hit Cyclists
The biggest difference between a fat motorcyclist and a thin one is that the thin one can split lanes easier. Oh yeah, hey christianl, can I have one of your Krispy Kreme's?

stevegrab 02-22-2001 06:49 AM

Re: DJs Tell Motorists to Hit Cyclists
Although I basically agree with your comments on free speech, I disagree that these guys posed no harm.

First of all, they were wrong in saying that its is illegal for these vehicles to be sharing the road with cars. True that bicycles shouldn't be on the freeway, and I doubt they are. They may have been talking more about motorcycles, and lane splitting, but that is also wrong, it is not illegal, in California.

Second, these guys are advocating doing harm to others. Your bit (about the missle-launcher mod), form what you said, was you talking about doing sonething yourself, not advocating that your listeners go out and do it. Even then, unless you said "Shoot the damn cars" you still aren't advocating violence.

These guys are idiots, just trying to get ratings (which I guess is there job), and it is doubtful they will receive any real punishment. Unless some of the MC gangs in the San Jose area find them and beat the crap out of them. Hey, how about we get a DJ at a competing station to put out that plea to the listeners.

bluedot 02-22-2001 06:52 AM

Re: DJs Tell Motorists to Hit Cyclists
Tell me how this is any different than what Stern says.

I hear lots of things on the radio. I hear Rap songs telling me to kill cops and beat women. I hear rock songs telling me to use drugs.

Believe it or not this has been going on for a long time.

I hardly believe that the comments of a couple of idiot DJ's are going to cause drivers to suddenly have the urge to commit a felony.

Living in the bay area for 32 years, I can say that KSJO has always been involved in local motorsports events going back to sponsoring week night dragraces at the late Baylands Raceway.

While commuting on my bike, I think there is far more danger from cars entering and leaving the diamond lanes, or talking on their cell phone then the risk of somebody opening a door on me because a DJ told them too. Come on.

Nepenthe 02-22-2001 06:55 AM

Re: DJs Tell Motorists to Hit Cyclists
Um okay. So what do you have against Denton? It's a great town with access to all kinds of roads as well as Dallas and Ft. Worth. You don't know how to spell "you're".

Not sure where the hell you get your "brainless moron", "dumbass", and "idiot" comments. All I said was yah, they used to be on here in D/FW and I wish I could hear the broadcast. Moron.

stevegrab 02-22-2001 07:05 AM

Re: Shock Jocks
Still doesn't mean we should excuse what they said.

CarsSuck 02-22-2001 07:15 PM

How this is different
I have no tolerance for anyone saying anything other than motorcycles are superior vehicles, and their riders should be exhalted and praised driving a vehicle that doesn't put everyone else at risk. I make the road safer for everyone else at my own expense, instead of vice versa like the cagers, and I expect and demand recognition and respect for this fact. I will tolerate nothing less than the respect I deserve, much less will I have any tolerance for negativity towards two wheeled vehicles, much less advocating violence against them even in jest.

There is a war between the selfish murderous cagers and us. You will find yourself on a side whether you choose it or not.

CarsSuck 02-22-2001 07:31 PM

Re: DJs Tell Motorists to Hit Cyclists
They don't deserve to drive. Someone should put sugar in their gas tanks. I'm trying to be nice. I'd rather chain them to the back of my bike and find a nice chunky gravel road.

12er 02-22-2001 08:56 PM

Re: DJs Tell Motorists to Hit Cyclists
The beauty of this station is that its on 3 frequencies and covers the entire SF bay area. Some 8+ million inhabitants. Its a lot to boycott. Now Im really glad I quit listening to it...

desertbilly 02-22-2001 08:56 PM

Re: DJs Tell Motorists to Hit Cyclists
Shock jocks are old news, and the stations are used to furious listeners. If someone really wants to get their attention, make a formal complaint to the FCC. They don't see the humor in this stuff and the station's owners take things very seriously when their licenses are at risk. I was in media insurance for too many years, and paid off lots of this kind of crap.

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