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Default Re: New Guzzis

Torn between the California Vintage and the Norge 1200. Yeah, I know, I must have a personality disorder or something...
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Default Re: New Guzzis

I'd ride one first if I were you, I did the sit and bounce on one athe IMS last winter and was surprised how tight the seating position was. Don't look like it but it is.

Now the Balabio....That's more like it. That looks so good I'd park it in the house where the TV used to sit.
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Default Re: New Guzzis

True! It looks like the love child of a Sportster and an R1100?
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Default Re: New Guzzis

Google tranlations:



How not to let sedurre from the shapes of the Griso, therefore far from all the others and near the dreams of every motorcyclist? Very rarely understood to feel the pulsations of a bicylindrical one also in front of a firm motion, but with the Griso it happens. Its extraordinary personality attracts an immense and heterogenous public therefore who Motion Guzzi has thought to render more accessible one motion already entered in the legend, equipping it of the propeller from 850cc, accredited Euro 3. Beyond that for the piston displacement, Griso 850 is distinguished from the greater sister also for some refines particular aesthetic like the black coloration of the chassis and the grey paint job of wheels and transmission to you. Griso 850 will be available at the price of € 10,990, in the colorations Red Run and Black Guzzi.




<blockquote>Contemporary in the lines spinning from naked, the new ready Breva 850 is one motion to all. Ideal for commuting a city comfortable express and, Breva 850 is also means in order to escape from stress and to escape from the city. All those that serves in order to amuse itself indeed , thanks to one ciclistica studied for an easy and sure guide and to a bicylindrical propeller to V of 90° (Euro 3) that it represents understood it entire of the history a Guzzi Motion. Breva 850 will be available, in the fiammante Run Red livery and the elegant Black version Guzzi, at the price of € 10,590 $R-chiavi.in.mano.</blockquote>

2006 Buell XB12X Ulysses, Black
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Default Re: New Guzzis

Got 2 Shovels now. Picked up ad 82 FLH for a song. Just finished it up Saturday, and it's a pretty sweet ride. Plus I already have a pile of parts in the corners. All the spares!
I'm a knucklehead
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Default Re: New Guzzis

Clear as mud...
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Default Re: New Guzzis

Sounds like one for Engrish.com!
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Default Re: New Buelzies. Guells?

Just 'cause they put that old lump of a Guzzi motor into a light good handling frame with the latest suspenders and braking doesn't mean that...wait a minute...
A gun is a tool, Marian; no better or no worse than any other tool: an axe, a shovel or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that.
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Default Re: New Guzzis

It makes my heart to pitter patter
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Default Sore

Just got back from Sedona and the only thing that fell off the Geezer Glide was my MP3 player from the windshield! Dammit!

I'm gettin' too old for these 500 mile days.
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