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sportbikebandit 11-11-2005 09:48 PM

Re: Getting Rid of Drunk Drivers
Think this boot camp thing is too expensive and too nice. Put people in jail the night they get caught for at least a night. Then if convicted they get jail time and no license for a year.... In Seattle a city judge spent no time in jail got a nice ride home to her multi-million dollar residence.

sportbikebandit 11-11-2005 09:49 PM

Re: Getting Rid of Drunk Drivers
I agree. Put them in real jail. Boot camp is too nice for them..

Chango 11-11-2005 11:23 PM

Re: Getting Rid of Drunk Drivers
Don't forget the drive-through windows...

jhof989620 11-11-2005 11:57 PM

Re: Getting Rid of Drunk Drivers
I don't know what the answer is to drunk driving. On the one hand our country has done a pretty good job of letting everyone know that when you are drunk behind the wheel you are more dangerous. But on the other hand (similar to the parking lot issue) I can't think of one major event that I enjoy that isnt sponsored by a company that produces beer or liquor. Concerts....sports...even the last few years of the gay pride parade in chicago was sponsored by miller lite. We equate being drunk with "good times" and "relaxing".

If we really want to get rid of drinking and driving our entire system would need to be changed. I dont think most bars or restaurants would make it if everyone drank one serving per hour. The messages we send are muddled.

paul_from_Minnesota 11-12-2005 02:24 AM

Re: Getting Rid of Drunk Drivers
Good for you if you read down this far.

A former brother-in-law of mine serves in the National Guard. As part of some cross training, he spent some time in a Scandinavian country. He said those boys over there drank as hard as anyone he has ever met. However the penalties for dinking and driving were very severe. I believe if you were caught you simply lost your driving "privilage" for life. Period. End of story. Well, consequently, no one even thought of driving drunk. Because of the severity of it, rides were always in place before the party started. It was just natural. Maybe we could learn something here.

And hey, what a concept! Make descisions before taking/drinking something that specifically impairs your judgement...

longride 11-12-2005 03:34 AM

Re: Getting Rid of Drunk Drivers
Up for an epic battle are ya JB?

concourse 11-12-2005 03:55 AM

Re: Getting Rid of Drunk Drivers
I think this idea is awsome. If you are stupid enough to do this then you deserve what you get. I can't think of how many kids lives have ended earley because someone convicted of multiple count 's of DWI stikes again. If you want to drink and drive there is a new penalty. :) But we don't want to inconvienience someone with a drinking problem. Im sure the Libereral's will be up in arms about this one.

seruzawa 11-12-2005 04:08 AM

Calling BMWVWW
Are you reading this thread Van? Do you see how far we have sunk as a free nation?

When they hand out the slave collars these guys will line up for them.

jonsen 11-12-2005 04:28 AM

Re: Getting Rid of Drunk Drivers
In Norway the punishment is 2 years loss of driving license, one months pay in fine (amount pre tax) (so if your'e well paid its a lot of money). This is for breaking the 0.2% limit. Exceed 0.5% and also spend three weeks in jail.

We norwegians do drink (a lot) at bars, but wery few people dring & drive. Those who do are usually people who have an alcohol problem/adiction.

sarnali 11-12-2005 05:16 AM

Re: Getting Rid of Drunk Drivers
Most of your average middle age out of shape drinking drivers wouldn't have to worry about it for long, they'd have a coronary and keel over within a week.

I think drunk driving should be a felony myself, along the lines of aggrivated assault and subject to the three strikes law.

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