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The_Aerodynamic_Head 09-06-2005 04:30 PM

Re: Can u be more specific?
Buz, I have to call you; I think the VFR is a poor example. With every single generation it's gotten heavier and longer. And, of course, more expensive. it's not a competative machine at its price-point in terms of power. It still is notorious for voltage regulator and stator gremlins. And the current generation adds to these woes $500 valve adjustments and a surge in power smack dab in the middle of the rev range that is the opposite of "smooth and linear".

But I get your point, Man. I'd say the same thing, but with an FZ1 as an example. Better yet, does anyone expect the new Z750S to sell at all? I've ridden a friend's. It rocks, and it'll do anything, but it's not sexy.

The top-tier sportbikes may not sell in high numbers, but I'd bet they mostly go out the door at a lot closer to MSRP than the previously mentioned bikes. I just can't swallow that the Big Four are actually losing money at this game thy're playing.

And by the way, Jap cruisers, whatever portion of total sales they represent, don't exacctly command a premium, either. They depreciate like falling rocks.

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