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Default Re: Moving through traffic, CHP reccomendation?

Granted that yoavy is kidding, he still overlooks the point that the motorcycle cops are too busy looking at traffic to keep a radar going. An aft looking radar detector would do nothing but inspire false confidence.

Of course, he could still outrun the BMW, right?

Stationary radar at an entrance to the freeway may well be a different matter as regards detection.
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Default Re: Moving through traffic, CHP reccomendation?

Longride, this brings quite a few things to mind:

First, BUMMER! I'm up in Fort Bragg on an SV650 as well. I'm coming up on a year of street riding and got lucky running into a very "sane" group of older riders in my area who took me under their wing. We go for some great sunday rides in this area and are always looking for other sane types to ride with us. Contact me if you are interested in joining us some time.

An aquaintance in the area got a CHP ticket doing 75 in a 55. it was knocked down to 69 or something so that it wouldn't be wreckless driving. I think your 75 in a 55 might be considered that. The officer recommended taking traffic school online. He quoted the officer as saying, "Yeah, it's pretty cool. You can get drunk and sit in front of your computer." My aquaintance considered fighting the ticket on these ackward grounds. Dunno how it turned out, just an interesting side note.

I have only heard the same agressive driving recommendation from assorted motorcyclists and must say I use it in moderation myself. Never seen it written anywhere.

Personally I'm not a fan of radar detectors. Legally they can't function as detecting radar until AFTER you've been tagged. So, you get nailed, slam on the brakes and look like an idiot. Who knows!?

Anyway, it's awesome riding up here. You can't get out of town without having a really, REALLY fun ride. 'Course you'd have to come INTO town first. Sounds like a bummer already.

Yeah, so good luck with your bad experience and maybe I'll hear from you!
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Default Re: Moving through traffic, CHP reccomendation?

That stretch of 101 is the infamous "revenue roundup" area where the speed is lowered to the extent where most drivers(moto and cager alike), will be exceeding the limit. You could argue that traffic needs to slow before the approach to the tunnel and bridge, but this stretch is 12 miles long! Quite the cash cow for the CHP. Motorcycles are also more of a target because there are many times where thereare more than one rider, so they can garner more tickets for one stop, as me and a buddy found out there. Show up in court irregardless. Don't use the 10 miles faster approach. Argue that the surrounding traffic was exceeding the limit and that you were simply caught up in the faster ttraffic and it was unsafe to manuver out at the point when you were stopped. And of course the traffic slowed when the patrol officer pulled along side of you.


Santa Cruz
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