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seruzawa 05-12-2005 04:26 AM

Re: A k00k and his money are soon roadkill...
Back when I rode choppers in the 70's there was a complete separation between the custom show bikes and those that were only somewhat modified. I might have liked to look at the show customs, but never ever considered riding one on the street. The spindly frames, overdone rakes/extensions and lack of front useable brakes were and are so obviously stupid for actual riding that one must conclude that the people who ride them are at least a can short of a 6 pack. Now we see morons riding these ill-concieved and extremely dangerous machines, many with 90hp engines. It's a wonder that more aren't waxed each year and the fact that there aren't is a tribute to the average automobile driver who is obviously doing his best to avoid these wobbling machines that can barely get out of their own way.

Andonyx 05-12-2005 05:49 AM

Re: Who's going 200mph??
Well we start by removing the false dichotomy (unintentionally I'm sure) presented in your post.

Riding safely is not mutually exclusive with riding for fun.

In fact, as the recent spate of "Old guy with mid range bike rides faster than young guys on rockets" stories shows, learning to corner properly, and smoothly, maintaining yourself within the limits of your bike and more importantly the limits of your riding ability actually makes you a faster rider. It also probably increases your thrills per mile.

Once we can make that the new wisdom instead of the current wisdom of "Speed is bought from a dealer or a parts shop, not learned." Then we will have made some headway. It's really pretty good logic too if someone stops to listen. What's a proper cornering technique anyway? Outside inside outside. It shortens the time in the most dangerous part of the turn, increases visibility for you and people around you, and reduces lateral Gs necessary to make that angle of turn.

But it's also racer's turn, just like they use from Talladega to Willow Springs. It's the best combination possible of short path through the curve and because of the lower lateral Gs you have more friction left over on the back wheel to accelerate earlier out of the turn.

Safe does not have to equal sunday driving.

Of course the problem is a small loosely confederated group of sfaety conscious Motorcyclists is up against the marketing departments of the big three bike companies who have spent buttloads of cash to drill into potential bikers heads, that the newest greatest super bike will make you a bad ass, revitalize your sex life, grow hair back on your head, and make your twinkie it's an uphill battle.

Bob_LoCicero 05-12-2005 06:12 AM

Re: Who's going 200mph??
For a look at some facts, Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine has some.


JAMROCK 05-12-2005 08:18 AM

Re: Who's going 200mph??
The article was a little sensational, but the problem is the squids who read and hear this stuff go out and get bikes and make the media out to be fortune tellers. Here in Atlanta,the squids have made the highways so hot with the police,my rides are for the most part restricted to back roads and friends only. There are 2 kinds out there-the ones who practice wheelies in traffic and the other kind that ride over 100 mph through traffic. I was in my car the other day and 3 bikes went by at well over 100 mph. Scared me because I didn't see them till they were past me and the exhaust scared me. I wasn't inattentive to my surroundings:it's just that they came and went so fast.

polishnightmare 05-12-2005 08:40 AM

Re: Who's going 200mph??
Re: Who's going 200mph?? (Score: 2, Intelligent)

by Dixit on Wednesday, May 11 @ 20:07:01 PDT

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Motorcycle are getting more dangerous: Despite slightly better tires, brakes or frames, there hasn't be any major improvement in motorcycle safety for the past 30 years. Cars on the other hand, now have impact absorption areas, air bags, and abs even on the cheapiest models. I know that some motorcycles are equipped with abs but they are a minority. The power and speed of almost any 600cc sportbike is already way beyond the abilities of the vast majority of the riders. On the cruiser side , it is a similar story, not so much due of the increase in power, but because they are getting so heavy and big that small mistakes end up in uncontrolable accidents. On these porky monsters, parking lot stumbles now end up in serious traumas necessitating orthopedic surgery. I don't want a motorcycle designed like a car but I think that more progress can be made toward safety without interfering with the driving experience. Other countries have adopted legislations that prohibit unexperienced motorcyclists to ride bikes that they couldn't handle. Maybe we should do something similar. The present popularity of choppers/ modified cruisers also goes again road safety. Have you ever tried an emergency stop under the rain on one of those? It ain't funny.

In some cases this is true. However in other cases this can be a safety issue. Being able to accelerate out of a situation is the same is just as good in the proper situation as braking out of it. So once again it boils down to judgement. A bike is a tool like anything else and how it is used determines the effect.

Aero_Doc 05-12-2005 05:43 PM

Re: Who's going 200mph??
Thanks for picking up the flaw in my post, fun and safety are not M.E., more like fun is a subset of safety. As you outlined, being educated about why we can, and when we can, ride fast makes us safer riders - and we get to have more fun too!

Sadly, the point needs to get to people who don't understand this... maybe bike dealers need to take more responsibility in providing links to further training. Here in Aust, Honda and the local police created advanced riding courses - sadly it doesnt exist now.

Chango 05-12-2005 05:47 PM

Re: Who's going 200mph??
It was a Honda RC-51 that hand't been very modified and which a local Honda dealership tested and confirmed that the bike would only reach a maximum speed of 154 mph. The overflying policeman simply had an ichy trigger finger.


Chango 05-12-2005 05:55 PM

Re: Who's going 200mph??
Do you realize what the scariest part about this is? Most journalism is probably just as bad as this, but we happen to recognize this trash because it has something to do with something that we happen to actually know about...

Or maybe I'm just a pessimist.


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