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Haru 01-22-2001 08:43 AM

Re: MO Betta: Testing and Attitude
2001 World Supersport Shootout.

what does that mean? you guys expect all your readers to just know? is it the open class sport bikes? While we're on that, why haven't you guys road tested a ZX-12R?

get a clue, folks.

RobGixxer750 01-22-2001 09:42 AM

GD morons
Don't confuse your stupidity with a lack of information. Supersport traditionally means 600 and 750 bikes, but my guess is they are doing the 600 shootout.

Last time I checked, you weren't paying a dime for this FREE site, so shut your big mouth. These guys are doing the best they can on their budget, so they can't test every single bike that comes along. Want a ZX-12R test?

Kawasaki ZX12r test

by Rob Nance

It accelerates in a straight line as good as a Busa. It's ugly as sin. Did I mention it goes fast? Might be able to corner well, but nobody knows or cares since it's a straightline bike like the Busa.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Haru 01-22-2001 09:49 AM

Re: GD morons

thanks for your polite reply. Morons like me would be lost without smart asses like yourself telling us which way is up.

Haru 01-22-2001 09:53 AM

Re: GD morons
as for whether this site bieng free, in the survey, I said I'd pay to subscribe. what about you?

as far testing all the bikes they can, I'd like an explanation from them, not from you. I'd rather see a ZX12R test than all these reports on cruisers and standards.

"it's a straightline bike " Is it? how do you know? When did you last ride one?

Haru 01-22-2001 09:55 AM

Re: GD morons
one more thing: you specialize in being nasty to strangers? your testosterone addled excuse for a brain doesn't seem to be able to wrap itself around the concept of civility.

torresmr 01-22-2001 10:14 AM

Re: MO Betta: Testing and Attitude

kman 01-22-2001 10:54 AM

Kawasaki ZX-12R
Kawasaki pulled their test bikes after the Sport Rider comparo versus the Hayabusa and Blackbird. They released another ZX-12R that was broken in by Muzzy's. The downtime of having a test bike available would definitely hinder the chance of MO getting their hands on a 12R to test.


Haga 01-22-2001 10:58 AM

Re: Kawasaki ZX-12R
Not to mention Kawasaki doing a pull/recall on EVERY ZX-12R after one threw a pushrod(I think) in Germany while being tested.

As for the moron not knowing what a "supersport" bike is... get a clue. Yes, you should know. There's only about 4 years of supersport shootouts that you can go and look at without so much as moving your duff off that chair if you really want to know. These guys get enough flak about the reviews without all this crying over titles and whatnot. Some of you people need to get off the net and live life.

RobGixxer750 01-22-2001 11:01 AM

I am so sick of people whining, is why I was such a jerk to you. MO has been doing cruisers and tourers, because they have gotten a ton of feedback asking why all they test is sportbikes. Then the second they add some variety, people like yourself, start crying a river.

The ZX12r, no, I haven't ridden it, but isn't that the definition of all Kawasaki's? I have ridden the 6r and the 9r. The 6r, had zero feedback, sure, you could lean it over, but it was way to smooth. The bike could have dumped at any second, you wouldn't have known. Smooth is not good on a sportbike IMHO. The brakes were nothing short of horrid on the 6r also. I could clamp it down and touch the grip, and it still wasn't braking very hard. These are just my experiences with Kawasaki's.

If you asked politely your two questions, maybe you'd get polite responses. Act like a child, and get rude answers. Your attacks back at my character are nothing more than childish name calling. I am comfortable with my maturity level, are you with yours?


Haru 01-22-2001 03:22 PM

Re: Kawasaki ZX-12R
Actually, I do live a life off the web. That is why I don't recall that 600s are reffered to as supersports. people in possession of some fairly trivial piece of knowledge being condescending toward those not in the know are faintly pathetic. Why don't you learn something really worth boasting about, not just arcane titles like "supersport"?

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