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JoeB 01-23-2001 06:18 AM

Re: MO Betta: Testing and Attitude
World Supersport refers to 600cc motorcycles. Haru, you should know since you made two posts in regards to MO asking for help on the 600cc "Supersport Shootout." If you're that out of tune with this terminology, I hope your not planning on buying (riding) a ZX-12R!

Lowrez 01-23-2001 07:34 AM

Give it up
Lots of us have lives aside from this or any other website. The fact that you didn't know what supersport meant (and yet appear to be a sport bike enthusiast) is your own lapse. Suck it up and move on.

I have no idea what you think "something really worth boasting about" may be, but I have a feeling it would be about a subject that you are an expert in and I'd quickly grow bored of.

FieryErmine 01-23-2001 08:30 AM

World Supersport
World Supersport consists of 600cc fours (GSX-R600, F4, R6, etc.) and 750cc twins like the Duc 750. It is a racing series in europe that most sportbike fans are familiar with.

It is such a well-known series that MO seems to have made the assumption that you would know what it is.


stevegrab 01-23-2001 08:35 AM

Re: MO Betta: Testing and Attitude
Specifically a "World" Supersport shootout will probably include some 750cc twins (like the Ducati 748) that are allowed to race in the World Supersport championship along with the 600cc in-line fours (F4, 6R, R6, GSXR).

But yes, you should have some idea what supersport is, if you follow sportbikes at all, and espeically racing.

FieryErmine 01-23-2001 08:36 AM

Re: MO Betta: Testing and Attitude
Another possibility is that Kawasaki pulled the bikes because they were getting crap reviews. I heard they were having problems with the oiling systems and with being broken-in properly.

You could read this as Kawasaki "taking their ball and going home", or that Kawi wanting to get their production problems sorted before allowing further tests.

In any case, I seriously doubt that any magazines are giving the bike poor reviews because they were upset at Kawasaki


stevegrab 01-23-2001 08:40 AM

Re: Give it up
Exactly. What's next, somebody going to ask what MC (motorcycle or motorcyclist) stands for?

stevegrab 01-23-2001 08:44 AM

Re: MO Betta: Testing and Attitude
No, but the ZX12R was supposed to beat the Busa for top speed when it came out. When it couldn't (because all the manufacturers restricted the top speed), many of the reviews went sour. Or at the least they weren't very favorable. I think that is lame, the bike was supposed to be just more than a top speed king. But hey, those are numbers, and that's what's being used to determine the final review.

YZFThundercat 01-23-2001 09:40 AM

Re: literary perfection
There now I am loged on and they can contact me about that job...

minime 01-23-2001 10:44 AM

Re: MO Betta: Testing and Attitude
World Supersport, hmmmm. It's the smaller-displacement brother of World Superbike (familiar with that?). In World Supersport, the bikes are 600cc inline-fours or 750cc V-twins, primarily.

That said, our World Supersport shootout will be the Japanese 600cc machines plus a Ducati 748 (there's your V-twin, sir) and maybe a Triumph TT600. Hope you enjoy the test.

And as for the ZX-12R Kawasaki? They aren't exactly doling those out. The bike was a huge let-down for them. After so much hype and flag-waving, the bike was limted (admittedly, unbeknownst to the US market) to a speed that allowed Suzuki's Hayabusa to remain speed king. After two unfavorable magazine tests, the test fleet was pretty much put to rest.

minime 01-23-2001 10:45 AM

Re: GD morons
Thanks Starving Student. We appreciate the accolades.

Love, Starving Managing Editor

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