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Default Expose

"As for having fun, perhaps the exception proves the rule here. I think I should do my own expose (sp) showing the clowns on HD riding around in all their poser glory, also there would be a special part on the video showing the guy with the most bad ass pose or the one who looks like he really needs to use the bathroom the most as theres really no difference."

That'd be great, then MO can do an expose on all the poser clowns riding around on sportbikes, trying to look like Valentino Rossi, while riding with all the skill of Barney Fife. You know the ones... the guys who need a new GSXR 1000 but who'll never take it to a racetrack.

Here's a hint: If you are a cruiser guy and you badmouth sportbikes -OR- If you (like smithrob75) are a sportbike guy and you badmouth cruisers..... You are just tilting at windmills! What's worse is that you are attacking your own kind. Instead of attacking somebody for their choices, why not try praising them for actually owning a motorcycle? Do you honestly believe that the rest of us think you are somehow superior or more enlightened, just because you can type-out the obvious shortcomings of one genre of motorcycle/rider? Should we simply repeat ad nauseum the back-and-forth slinging of obvious sportbike shortcomings and obvious cruiser shortcomings? What's the point? -Sean
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Default Re: Gonna Jump Far On My GSXR

I'm just glad there are people willing to do stuff like that, because it is fun to watch.
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Default Re: Expose

Well I don't own a GSXR1000, have been to the racetrack and my tires wear out on the edges first, so take that for what it's worth I guess. The point is I ride because I enjoy it, I'm not trying to prove anything to anyone and I'm only pointing out what I see on a daily basis here in big D. Also I do ride to work and generally rack up 10-12k miles a year.
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Default Re: Gonna Jump Far On My GSXR

Stupid hurts!!! ROFL!
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