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deadpool 01-20-2001 01:43 AM

Re: Help MO with our 600 Shootout!
Well, Real World Rules! Seriously, everyone would like to think their bike is the baddest, fastest thing God ever made. But truthfully few can really handle it like Nicky Hayden or Foggy. Real street/world test ( 75% ) emphasis on street time, throw some track time in ( 25% ). 25% track time because people still need to know how the bikes handles under more extreme riding conditions, what the limitations are ( in a safe environment of course ). I will probably never see that part of the envelope, but its nice knowing how far it can go if it needs to be pushed. Rubber side down

Hamrhd 01-20-2001 03:13 AM

Re: Help MO with our 600 Shootout!
Lets see the strip times,roll on figures, braking numbers,top speed, track times, ease of suspension tuning and the reaction of the suspension,ergonomics,fit and finish,maintenance time,traction,lean angles and how many wheelies minime can do on the street before he gets a ticket !

CBR1000F 01-20-2001 06:12 AM

Re: Help MO with our 600 Shootout!
Somebody who admits he doesn't even have a bike wants the GSXR 600R declared the winner?! Based on what experience?

Eric 01-20-2001 06:29 AM

Re: Help MO with our 600 Shootout!
I agree with the above comments about rating the 600's separately on the track and on the road. I also think it would be interesting to throw in a few 750 twins. However, I think the comparison should be limited to the top of the line "race replica" 600s. At the same time, a separate comparison of bargain sport bikes would also be useful. A Katana is clearly a separate beast from the new GSXR 600. Put each in its own comparison.

CBR1000F 01-20-2001 06:30 AM

Re: Help MO with our 600 Shootout!
Funny... I was just thinking the same thing. C'mon man, GIVE! Is this really THE Eddie Lawson?!

nweaver 01-20-2001 06:54 AM

The distance test...

These motorcycles, for most purchasers, will be used in the real world.

Thus, I would personally like to see a short bit of real world road touring: strap a set of soft saddlebags or a tankbag on each one and actually go for a good length ride of superslab and backroad. The reason is that such a test will quickly highlight any ergonomic problems, vibration issues, or other problems which would affect the real world enjoyment of these motorcycles.

I admit I have a particular bias in this issue: The next motorcycle I buy will be a sportbike which I will convert to a sport/sport tourer (hardbags and a scottoiler), and if any of the 600s had real world ergonomics, they would make a good starting point.

CyberJonesy 01-20-2001 07:18 AM

1000's catching up...
Okay get your ass on your f4i. Ride the freeway til you meet up with an r1. Be kind and socially friendly to the other rider by saluting him like most intelligent riders do when they meet on the road. Then with your adrenalined filled brain get a bike distance ahead of him and raise your arm (and the finger too) in a gesture of provocation and pull the trigger as hard as you can buddy. Shortly after you will notice that the R1 is way ahead of you and that a dumb quarter mile run is nothing else but somewhat meaningless if used to compare power from a 1000 with a 600. Oh of course the 1000 is having a hard time catching up when the light goes green but when you are waiting at a red lite this is not likely the best place to pull that finger gesture off to the R1 rider. And if you want to compare acceleration from a track point of view well first of all 1000's and 600's never race in the same category and even if they would the quarter mile run only reflects the acceleation for when the bike is standing still. In a race I think we call it the starting grid and that's like 1% of the race...

tony 01-20-2001 07:42 AM

Re: Help MO with our 600 Shootout!
When doing the comparison tell the good points and bad points of each. We all have different priorities and we weigh each one differently. It never hurt my ego if the bike I pick as the favorite

doesn't turn out to be your favorite. Some of us have multiple bikes and if I bought a 600 it would be just to go play on. For most Americans bikes are just toy's anyway.

My 2cents

tony 01-20-2001 07:49 AM

Re: Help MO with our 600 Shootout!
I don't think he wanted it to be the winner he just figured the new bike on the market with a little more track edge in the end will win. I guess he is basing it on history.

The CBR1000f was a really nice bike but If buying a bike today I would want a cbr1100xx or Hayabusa.

CyberJonesy 01-20-2001 07:56 AM

It's not about top speed either.
It's about topspeed, horsepower ,torque ,acceleration , manoeuvrability, comfort, braking, lean angle cornering,burning rubber, wheelieing passed county sheriff and avoiding tickets at the same time, riding with friends across the states and looking good while doing it.Riding is definitely more then mere top speed. When I say it leaves some room for sportier 4 wheelers to catch up, I mean by this that 600's are not the summun in power wherever you categoryze the machine.Earlier on I think we were talking about motorcycles , right? I do trust you know what you are talking about and I have my own bike too. From my point of view sportbikes each have specefic roles and that's okay,but don't you think it would be fair to say that 600's do not match the performance of 1000's on engine overall power.Of course I'd be glad to get one of your used russian migs but in real life I can afford only two things: Motorcycles and motorcycle insurances ;)

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