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Default Re: Motorcycle Fatality - A family needs help.

Now, here is a real story, about a very good friend of mine, who was killed two Sundays ago in southern Mississippi. A young lady with no drivers license and no insurance turned left in front of him killing him instantly. Now if you want to get outraged, how about this, no charges were filed! This guy was a brilliant doctor, probably saved thousands of lives during his career and now he is gone because of this little "^&**%$". The newspaper article says he was 47, that's incorrect, he was 57. I probably rode with this man every Sunday for three years, save five or six.

Two killed in weekend accidents

Karen Freeman


Published Monday, November 08, 2004 1:55 PM CST

A Sunday morning crash in Amite County involving an unlicensed teenage driver resulted in the death of a Zachary, La., physician.

And in a separate wreck on Saturday, a Magnolia man died in a one-vehicle accident on Hamp Lea Road.

Staff Sgt. Rod Crawford, public information officer for the Mississippi Highway Patrol, said Dr. Tony Jackson Ryals, 47, a Baton Rouge neuroradiologist, died on Sunday after a 1999 Honda Passport, driven by 17-year-old Crystal Ramsey, 110 West End Drive, Magnolia, apparently turned in front of RyalsÂ’s 2004 Motoguzzi motorcycle.

The accident happened at about 11:13 a.m. on Highway 568 at GeneÂ’s Grocery. Crawford said the Passport is registered to Shirley Ramsey, also of 110 West End Drive.

Crawford said Ryals was traveling alone on the motorcycle and was headed east toward Magnolia. Ramsey was driving west and apparently crossed RyalsÂ’ path at the store when the accident occurred.

Ryals went by EmergyStat ambulance to Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead of his injuries, said Crawford.

Pike County Coroner Percy Pittman said Ryals was wearing a helmet and fell from his motorcycle in the accident.

Pittman said Ryals didnÂ’t have visible life-threatening injuries, and itÂ’s possible that he broke his neck.

Neither Ramsey, nor her passengers, were injured.

Because the accident involved a fatality, Crawford said the wreck will be reviewed by a reconstructionist. He added that although it appeared no alcohol was involved, toxicology reports are being conducted.

Crawford said the wreck emphasizes the dangers that await inexperienced drivers — especially those who are distracted from the road, either through passengers, music or phones.

"There are already a lot of distractions out there that we canÂ’t do anything about," and state officials are trying to beef up the laws for young drivers. "Inattention is an issue of great concern when teenagers are driving," he said.

Crawford said statistics bear out the fact that teen drivers have more wrecks when there are other people in a vehicle with them.

************************************************** **

Tim and I rode up there today. The accident happened in front of GeneÂ’s Grocery on highway 568 about 8 miles west of I-55. We spoke with folks that work at the store, two of whom were there at the time of the accident. One of people at the scene was a nurse. Apparently she arrived just seconds before the accident happened. They said the Tony died virtually immediately. The nurse said he drew one breath after she approached and did not suffer.

They said that no one told Renee about Tony. She followed the ambulance to the hospital thinking that Tony was still alive.

Tony had virtually no warning or time to react. About 12-15 feet from the point of impact there was a 4-5 foot long skid mark. Then there was a 2-3 foot section of no apparent skid marks and then a very short 1.5 – 2 foot skid mark. That was all there was.

Johnny Diamond

Destin, FL 850-217-7042

Baton Rouge, LA 225-954-2170

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Default Re: Motorcycle Fatality - A family needs help.

Man, I'm sorry about your buddy.

Did they say why they weren't charging the un-licensed driver that just committed a negligent act resulting in the death of a human being? -Sean
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Default Re: Motorcycle Fatality - A family needs help.

Yep, you got it. No charges. We are talking rural southern Mississippi. After the reconstructionist finishes there is a chance she could be charged but I doubt it. The circumstances are clear. There is no way they can say Tony shared any responsibility. I have a big empty feeling in my gut that is not going away any time soon. At the age of 17 we all make mistakes, some times the consequences are small, some times they are big. She is a kid for Christ's sake, what are you gonna do?
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Default Re: Motorcycle Fatality - A family needs help.

This is an email I recieved from the Lady in question, and my replay.

----- Original Message -----



Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2004 9:22 AM

Subject: Motorcycle.Com Reader Kim Has Feedback For You!

A reader at Motorcycle.Com, Kim, sends the following feedback:



> name = Kim

> From = kimshotstuff@aol.com

> state = Georgia

> country = US

> body = In answer to your question the location was Interstate I-20 east

bound mile marker 146.7 moody Alabama .There is a article in the Sr.Clair

Times dated 7-28-2004.I also failed to mention the man that hit him from

behind was drinking and had prior accidents two before this one on his

file.I would be more than happy to email pictures if you would like to see



Dear Kim:

Thank you for the info. If you haven't done so already, you should post

this information, and the pictures, on the MO message board. There is some

discussion as to whether your posting is a hoax...Sorry, but hoaxes happen

all the time, so the guys tend to be cautious.

As soon as you establish your existance, and that your situation is real,

I'm sure some help will likely be coming your way. Some information will be

good and, some, not so good It will be up to you to sift through

it and figure out which is which. All the same, you should still make

contact with the AMA, and see what they have to say.

Good Luck,


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Default Re: Lawyers a necessary and valuable part of our great legal system.

Seriously. It would. Once we move away from competition and towards cooperation it'll be better.

But you miss the point of what I'm saying. I'm not saying the profession is bad, it's the people in it that I can do without.

I like having sensible laws, just not people who are "officers of the court" who manipulate them solely to win a case with no interest in perserving the ideal of the law.

The great majority of lawyers aren't in it for the good of society. They're in it for there own benefit.
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Default Re: Motorcycle Fatality - A family needs help.

Ok, here is the stroy from the St. Clair Times.


Man killed on I-20 identified

Daniel Thompson


A man killed in a wreck Saturday morning has been identified by the St. Clair County Coroner's Office as Acre Crittender Salvador, 43.

The wreck occurred around 1 a.m. in the eastbound lane of I-20, about three-tenths of a mile from the Brompton exit.

According to St. Clair County Coroner Dennis Russell, Salvador was killed on his motorcycle when a pickup truck hit him.

Russell said witnesses at the scene reported that Salvador was sitting stationary on his motorcycle in the far right lane, and did not have his lights on.

After being hit by the pickup truck and thrown 500 feet, Salvador was then struck by an 18-wheeler and two other cars, Russell said.

Salvador was identified by his fingerprints.

About Daniel Thompson Daniel Thompson is a staff writer for The Daily Home.

Contact Daniel Thompson Phone:

205 884-3400

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Default Re: U are a classic nut

Aren't you worried about the increased crackdown bu law enforcement on child porn merchants? Have you shut down your site yet?
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