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Default Re: Lap Times at Daytona

Let's see here. 999R power/weight ratio, say 150/450 with Eboz, so about 3lb/hp. And that's on qualifiers for a couple of laps. Not a clue about Tony Stewart's car pwr/wt, but since you give us details on the Barber car, that's about 9lb/hp with Mr. Andretti aboard. The other cars you're talking about aren't even in the same class. I sense an apples to oranges comparison on an HP track like Daytona.

Do the cars even run the same track? The bikes don't run the full oval like NASCAR, but I don't know about your other car series.

One more minor detail: your Camaro's speedometer doesn't significantly change with lateral acceleration. The bike, however, runs a substantially smaller diameter on the tire when leaned over, so even if it's not overly optimistic in a straight line (a big assumption), it most certainly is in a turn. Until you measure your corner speed with a radar gun you've got no useful comparison.
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Default Re: R1 vs 911

Telemetry from September/ October 2005 R&T speed: The average 200ft "skipad" g-force on a ZX-10 with a pro onboard and Ohlins suspension with DOT R compound tires is 1.04g's. For a completely stock 636 the same rider managed 1.01g's. On the same turn on the same day, a profesionally driven Skyline with Hoosier autocross slicks and many chassis mods managed 1.11g's for one lap before the tires "greased." A stock C-5 corvette with Hoosier slicks pulled .96g's. This was taken from a turn that was similar to a skidpad on a racetrack.

For various reasons, both bikes were significantly faster than both cars.

In March 1990 Hot Rod did a comparo where the FZR1000 managed .75g's and the Corvette ZR1 pulled .93 on an actual skidpad, but the bike was still faster on both big and little Willow tracks. The bike used stock Pirelli tires, the car used shaved Goodyear Gatorbacks and went through several sets trying to beat the bike.

I double checked the figures and dates, etc so you can verify the info.

I know of several other comparisons, but these are the only two I have seen with skidpad figures on pavement.

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