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Default Re: Youz screwed up...

Seriously, something was messed up. The IP that was coming back kept flip-flopping through my ISP, my work connection, everything else.
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Default Re: MO Server Move and Misc. Stuff

I couldn't get on MO for 5 days, this caused me mental duress, repeated checks of my LAN settings, loss of earnings and whatever else I can thik of..... plus 5 days worth of the pro-rated subscription cost.

All in all you owe me $ 486,981.42 I'll accept certified checks in the full amount to my residence, which you have on file..........Thank you
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Default thx for the advance notice....


I know...it's my providers' fault (both of them) and you guys are paragons of professionalism. Yay.
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Default Yo MOhomies!

I've had hell trying to get to your site. I've purged cookies and all that sort of stuff and still this AM I couldn't access the website at all. This is with IE 6. I have Comcast Broadband. No other website causes trouble like this. Stop blaming your customers. 12 lashes with whole wheat spaghetti.

I also had constant trouble from the server at work, once again with IE 6.

So I downloaded and installed Mozilla and like magic MO runs like greased lightening. However most people use IE and you are losing new customers. People can't check MO out and subscribe if they can't access it.

There has always been a bit of reluctance for MO to come up, at least compared to many other sites. Since your migration it's been worse.
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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Default Re: MO Server Move and Misc. Stuff

You scared the ***** out of me being off-line for close to a week. I need those review archives to balance out the manufacturers hype.

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