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Default A Better Way, Grasshopper

I can't believe I'm letting myself get sucked into this, but.......

No vote cast is a wasted vote. If you choose to define "wasted" as "my candidate didn't win," then more than half the voters in the 2000 presidential election "wasted" their vote, and all of the democrats that voted for anyone but Kerry in the primaries have wasted their votes as well. Or maybe you think a "wasted" vote is a vote cast for the winner, who turns out to be something other than you anticipated.

Hear this, Grasshopper: A wasted vote is the one not cast by the eligible voter.

Now for the education, Grasshopper. There ain't a dime's worth of difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. Those of who have been around long enough to sport some of that gray hair you're so fond of can remember year after year of deficit spending by the Democrats (look it up in one of your books if you don't believe me). And while you've got that book open, please find out which of the Republicrats PREDICTED the budget surplus that landed in Bill Clinton's lap in the late 90's.

Us gray-hairs also remember Democrat President Johnson getting us ever deeper into 'Nam. We remember the EPA and OSHA being signed into law by Republican President Nixon. We remember the nicest, smartest Democrat president of the 20th century ruining the economy and being chased back to his peanut farm by an aging Republican actor. Listen closely, Grasshopper: Everything you think you know about Republicans and Democrats is wrong.

If you must embrace the concept of the "wasted vote," then you might want to start thinking about not "wasting" your vote on the Republicrats. And if you're serous about our rights as Americans in general and as motorcyclists in particular, then you just might want to take a look at the Libertarians (http://www.lp.org/). The name says it all.

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Default Don't bother Abe

You are arguing with someone that supposedly has 2 degrees and still writes, thinks, and spells like a 12-year-old. Sorry. Even most 12-year-olds are smarter than that idiot. Too bad he can't purchase a clue, look one up on the Internet, or find a class on one. He comes here for attention. He supposedly goes to school, has kids, works, is married, is a bodybuilder, and rides his motorcycle day and night, but somehow manages to post here 50 times a day. Amazing. If bullshyt was music, this guy would have a brass band. Guys in my neighborhood that acted like him got their ass kicked on a daily basis. Sounds like he's got a bad case of little man's syndrome. Feel sorry for ya for answering him man.
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Default The name says it all?

Which one: "SuperBill" or "Libertarian"?

I agree with your analysis of "Republicrats".
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