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Default KPaul's credentials

Don't mess with KPaul, he's very modest, he didn't even mention the PhD he has in Bull Sh1t.
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Default Re: Lighten up dude

<blockquote> I did not start the Bush thing.</blockquote>

Your first post: ..."He certainly would be more fiscally responsible than Bush and he wouldn't get all hyped up about gay marriage."


<blockquote>Even your appeal for me to stop is full of political crap.</blockquote>

What? (a) no, it isn't. Unless if asking if "Kerry is Saint McJeebus" is political crap. (the answer: it's not.) (b)" Political crap" is the operative phrase here. See, even crude-AI forum trollbots such as yourself can learn.

You win, KP. Your special brand of epileptic keyboard poking has driven me farko bazoo.

P.S. Didn't vote for Bush last time and didn't intend to this time (I'd rather the Edwards was nominated, but hey.) But you are changing my mind! I would rather that Ashcroft's Sooper Secret Ninja Corps parachute into my backyard and barbeque my dogs than to have to put up with the jackassery-on-crack from you that is sure to ensue if Kerry wins the POTUS. Good luck, champ.
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Default Re: We have bigger problems than that

Thanks seruwaza, not igoring it was a noobie mistake on my part.
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Default Re: Economics for dummies 2.

WOW, you don't even know the definition of recession. Taking the misfortune of a few and presenting this in response to a macro issue is how you continue to present your argument(s). To even make this analogy illustrates how you use distortion/distraction techniques. Works for you, doesn't fool me.

Wish we could talk motorcycles here.....I will try to stay on subject from here forward....I simply have no time for this futility.....
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Default War of 1812

Your surname is Cook, is it not? That sounds like a very British name. Chances are, your forefathers were English loyalists. Loyalty to England was a crime punishable by whipping or death in revolutionary America. In the late 18th century, many of these loyalists emigrated to Canada, where they made a stand against Republican rebels led by the war criminal and murderer George Washington. Other loyalists fleed to the west. YOu're in Seattle right?

Americans tried several times to invade Canada. The first time was in 1775.

Washington sends two armies; one of them led by Benedict Arnold marches to Quebec city, Montgomery's marches towards Montreal. Montgomery captures Montreal and moves on to Quebec City. Arnold's army barely make it across the border. Most of them starve and freeze to death along the way.

In Quebec city, 30 Canadian militia men catch the Americans off guard, killing Montgomery and most of his force of 300 men. The survivors run to their rendezvous point, where they meet 400 of Arnold's soldiers. A second Canadian militia force flanks them and the Americans surrender.

You tried a few more times during the war of 1812, which we won.

Canadians declare refuge for black slaves, tens of thousands of which emigrate here with remaining British loyalists and surviving Iroquois indians.

Chief Tecumseh rallies Indian tribes, and allies with Canadian Loyalists. America declares open war on Britian, and assembles an army of 2500, poised to invade Canada. British General Brock makes a preemptive strike Detroit with 200 professional British soldiers and 400 Canadian militia men dressed as professional redcoats to bluff the enemy. Detroit is captured, the Canadians and Indians don't suffer a single casualty, and take 2200 prisoners.

In 1812, 1200 American troops flood across the Niagara river in a full scale invasion. Our defense guns are captured. A small Canadian counter-attack fails. General Brock is picked off by a sniper. 80 Indian warriors hold back the invaders until 1000 reinforcements arrive. Americans surrender, Canada takes 900 prisoners.

A year later, the war continues and the American navy takes lake Erie. British Canadians and Indians retreat from Detoit and are captured and killed by pursuing Americans. Massively outnumbered, a few hundred French and British Canadians unite to make a stand against 4000 American invaders on the banks of the Chateaugay river. Canadians refuse to surrender, standing their ground. Americans suffer heavy losses and retreat to prepare for another attack, which also fails.

The war continues another year. Americans ally with a few hundred Canadian traitors and make a final attempt at invading. 3500 Canadian and British troops make a bloody stand, suffering heavy losses but beat back the American invaders once again. In retaliation, Wasington is invaded and the White House burned to the ground.

Canadian sovereignty was granted peacefully in 1867. We didn't fight Britian for it. We did, however, fight very bitterly for our independence.... from America.

Kpaul: I'm glad your ancestors ran scared to the west rather than come here to stand up to revolutionaries. My country is much better off without you.

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Default Re: Hollywood rant

ummm.... the Maranello's a V-12 and it sounds like the real deal.......

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