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Default Re: HEY I GOT A IDEE!

No kidding. Drive through his neighborhood streets at about 80 and accidentally run over someone from his family and let's see if 30 days in jail makes it all better.
\"Wait, I think I just -- Yea, I just had an idea.\"
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Default Re: Senator Jankow to be sentenced today.

and you draw blind comparisons like the rest of the lynch mob fans here. I take it you don't agree that it was his money and power that got him 'only' 100 days?
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Default More bad news for Bush

"Only a year ago, the CBO estimated 10-year surpluses — not deficits — of $1.3 trillion. And in January 2001, when Bush took office, the projection was for a decade of black ink (surplus) totaling $5.6 trillion. "

Bush, Congress Face Historic Deficits

Iraq headed for Civil War

Cheney 'waged war' on Blair Iraq strategy

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