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Default Re: KY Deaths rise after helmet-law repeal

Yes Indeed, I feel free with out a helmet on. I also feel free without my clothes on. Wouldn't go to the grocery store that way though.

Here in 'Live free or die NH', we have just that choice. Most feel free to die and ride w/o a helmet. Good for them.
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Default Re: It not free-choice for everyone

I challenge your underlying assumption that there should be a taxpayer funded hospital providing care to anyone on the public's wallet.

No hospital providing 'free' care, no more helmetless motorcyclists 'unfairly' suckling at the taxpayer's teat. The issue of whether or not helmetless motorcyclists impose an unfair burden on the rest of us becomes moot, and the helmet debate goes back to being about the government needlessly imposing restrictions on people's ability to take responsibility for themselves.

Then the insurance companies can impose whatever rules they want to about helmets or no helmets, offering perhaps higher rates for those who wish to ride without.

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Default Re: KY Deaths rise after helmet-law repeal

The idea of freedom is a very expensive one. I will gladly help shoulder the cost of injury victims when they make a bad decision and/or suffer misfortune. I wear a seat belt partly because many local police love to ticket the unbelted and partly because it may help me in an accident. But I don't think I should have to wear one. That is but one of many recently lost freedoms. This coming Tuesday, November 11th, is Veterans Day. On behalf of all deceased, wounded, suffering or active duty military personnel, thank you for helping to preserve my freedoms. I will continue to voice my concerns when a freedom is being lost. I think that is the very best way to celebrate Veterans Day.
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Default Re: KY Deaths rise after helmet-law repeal

This is just one more of those "seems simple but it is not" things. If you have any brains, you manage your risks. I know that the laws of physics dictate I wear my seatbelt. How else do you stay put in an accident? I am reminded of the mother that thought her baby was safer in her arms in a car. Well, as I remember it, a 10 pound baby in a 30 mph barrier crash suddenly weighs 300 pounds. Some strong mother. That doesn't even take into effect the now greatly increased weight/force of the mother pinning that child to the dashboard.

I am going on too long, but your melon hurtling towards the pavement is beyond your control at that point. But also, what about all the road debris that has bounced off my faceshield and helmet? Not in my face thank you.

Last year a Vmaxer was rear ended at an intersection. He was just sitting there waiting. He remembers watching the pavement slide by his faceshield and chinbar after being thrown from the bike. How do you face people if you face is scraped off?

As for those that complain of poor vision, heat and otrher such bs, you have a bad helemt on! Get a good one! Actually better vision (no wind or debris in your eyes), better hearing (reduced buffeting), and protection from the sun.

Ramble, ramble, ramble. After all is said and done, I defend your right to ride without a helmet, just find a way for the rest of us not to have to bear the burden of such a lame descision. That will be the key. Just don't touch my grilled burgers and fries!

Paul from Minnesota
paul from Minnesota
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Default Re: KY Deaths rise after helmet-law repeal

What if they come up with full body armour that keeps you from being hurt most of the time but is so ridiculous in comfort and looks that you want to stop riding. Now by your assinine argument unless you were wearing your full body armour when you had the wreck and broke your leg you should have to pony up at the hospital out of your bank account. Next time you go to McDonalds and eat a 1/4 pounder and large frys your health insurance will henceforth be canceled since you put that transfatty crap and animal fat into your system. You know how bad that stuff if for you yet you expect the society at large to help pay your medical bills when you clutch your Fred Sanfordian chest and scream to Elizabeth that you're coming to meet her.
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