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django9270 10-07-2003 12:34 PM

Re: Dirty Earplugs
Here's a thought......

1) Review some bikes (Hey they don't necessarily have to be the latest and the greatest!!)

2) Review some gear...

3) Write a couple articles on maintenance (with pics! no less)

4) Write an editorial on a great trip you accident or near catastrophy you had...the anti-helmet legislative tide that seems to be passing through our PLAYSTATION-numbed, obese, obtuse country...

5) Rinse. Repeat.

6)Just a thought.........

captainwhoopass 10-07-2003 01:15 PM

Re: Dirty Earplugs
Make a list and ask us in a poll. Write those stories, then throw in a couple of wild cards of stuff that you like to do that you think would be of interest.

Buzglyd 10-07-2003 01:26 PM

Re: Dirty Earplugs
I say we get some of us SoCal MoFos together and do a stupid road trip somewhere and in between chasing women and drinking beer we'll get some nice photos of some great Southwestern Roads to help the MOrons in colder climates get through the winter.

cyclesteve 10-07-2003 01:34 PM

Re: Dirty Earplugs
Could not have said it better myself. Give me a reason to re-up my subscription. Give me some info.

I particularly like the maint. suggestion

cyclesteve 10-07-2003 01:35 PM

Re: Dirty Earplugs
I miss JB

merv 10-07-2003 01:38 PM

Re: Dirty Earplugs
How about telling us more about what's going on at MO since Burns left? Who is on the staff now and how are you running things? Will it be worth me renewing my subscription when its up in 80 something days? Since Blip left a while back we have never been told much about the organisation and Burns never really explained things. At a hardcopy mag they usually keep you well informed about who is the editor etc. We haven't heard much about MO in a while and when you are 10,000 miles away like I am I can't exactly drop in and see what you are up to.

Tell me more.



torrnado 10-07-2003 01:57 PM

Re: Dirty Earplugs
I would recommend a complete revamp of The site is among the worst (if not the worst) in terms of usability and aesthetics.

I also like maintenance articles or trip/horror stories.

GogglesPaisano 10-07-2003 02:03 PM

Who is Sean Alexander?
Having read the info and seen pics I'd have to say you're me plus 'bout fitty pounds and a shade paler...

If I had the cash I'd have a Tuono, a VMax, an old XT600, a Knucklehead chop with a springer front and apehangers, ahhh, same chopper but with a KZ1000 motor, a turbo'ed Z-Rex for the strip, and an RZ350 for trackdays.

Of course, I hail from Appalachia, so to truly be, errr, 'Not-So-Mini-Me' you'd have to pick up the "ain't" and "neither", not to mention the "dang" and sayings like "rainin' like a cow p*ssin' on a flat rock".

Tell you what, I'll consider you the cousin that went off and got "city-fied".

If you hear a knock on the door and see a rusty '78 GS400 outside it's me, and I need money for High Life tallboys and some chicken wings...


mjs 10-07-2003 02:16 PM

Re: Dirty Earplugs
Just be yourself.

Everyone else is taken !

maxriderdon 10-07-2003 02:18 PM

Re: Dirty Earplugs
Sounds like you got my disease. I am pretty mixed up with what I like. Prob is when I look at and even more so ride a new and different bike all I can seem to focus on is what I like about the bike. I just love bikes, I am a little to old for an all out sport bike but I love the power and I also love cruiser for their own type of pleasures. Guess that's why I have owned a V-max for some time and it is prob my favorite bike I have every ridden. Relax I don't think there is anything you can do about this disease. Just enjoy the positives. In the case of the V-Max enjoy the right hand grip.

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