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Default Re: Breaking that MC Habit

All the British mags seem to be having quite a bit more fun than the US ones. Unfortunately, we don't stand for that around here. Ever here of a magazine called "Twistgrip"? They were iconoclastic and immature like the Brits, but were killed by advertisers who could only see lawyers in their future.

Thay still have a website at www.twistgrip.com.
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Default Re: Update: Dirty Earplugs

I second this great idea in lean times beater bikes become more than obscene fun, they become practical means of two wheeled transportation.

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Default i use fresh ear plugs today

hey there new customer here. get motorcycle, ride motorcycle as hard as possible,as long as possible. then report on what breaks, what you liked what sucked. repeat as nec. dont pull punches, never ever say your sorry, just ride, shoot straight and speak the truth (jeff cooper said that)

ok then im going to take the hot rod sportster out for some wheelies now... winters comin'

later, deano
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Default Re: Update: Dirty Earplugs

Lot of good suggestions here (more bike/gear reviews, articles on riding technique, good roads, maintenance, etc.).

How 'bout some type of "media watch"; i.e. let us know when a bike-related feature will be in the mainstream media (like that one-sided speed demon piece on CBS news a while back) and include contact info so we can let the networks know what we think? Or if another site already does that, include a link there.

Finally, how 'bout updating the Babes section - on a regular basis? That is long overdue.
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