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brickl 09-15-2003 07:27 AM

Re: How fast is too fast?
187, indicated, repeatedly, with a bit, fat grin on my face, and a very tight sphincter muscle. 03 R1, piped, mapped, and ramaired.

Can't wait to see what the 04 will do...

giuliom 09-15-2003 07:41 AM

Re: How fast is too fast?
I have absolutely no problem with someone going 187 or 387, for that matter, but isn't that why we have track days? A quick calculation shows that at 187mph you are travelling about 86 yards PER SECOND (almost the length of a football field, no?). I have no idea what would be the braking distance, etc. To me it means that something could happen a quarter mile ahead or more and you might not be able to react in time (we are not all Valentino Rossi, even though many think they are...). Now, I have no problems with someone taking a risk, losing the bet and painting himself on a tree, rock, guardrail, etc., but I do have problems if there is even the slightest chance that together with the rider someone else will be injured or killed.

I don't know how fast is too fast, but if you want to go 187, book a track day.

brickl 09-15-2003 07:59 AM

Re: How fast is too fast?
Find me a track where I can actually get the 'ol R1 up to a buck 87, and I'll do it.

In my case, I had a stretch of straight, brand-new road that was not opened yet. I'd go out on Saturday and Sunday mornings, scope the joint, and get my jollies. No traffic, good lateral visibility for any wayward wildlife, and no intersections. The only hazards were birds. And they hurt like hell when they explode on your shoulder above 100mph...

Now tell me how I was putting anyone in danger.

rc51zen 09-15-2003 08:00 AM

Re: How fast is too fast?
I got caught doing 110 on a deserted two lane,not a car, jogger,kid or animal in sight. Just a state trooper hiding behind some bushes. Paid lawyer $1500 to shmooze the prosecuter, paid $500 in fines. Got to keep my license. What I did might be foolish. What the lawyer charged me is criminal!

dnakase 09-15-2003 08:00 AM

Re: How fast is too fast?
After a recent incident on another motorcycle related board, and in light of the errosion of our civil liberties due to the "Patriot" Act let me just say that, hypotheticly a lone ride on a deserted interstate in Az. once topped 165 mph.

Big Brother IS listening!

Intersport 09-15-2003 08:20 AM

Re: How fast is too fast?
Track days are wonderful, but you can rarely go 187 mph on a racetrack. That would require a LOT more talent and commitment than just opening 'er up on a desolate highway, and on a racetrack that 187 would be short lived before the next turn. Fastest I've gone? Indicated 165, in the middle of nowhere on a lonely freeway, but only for a few seconds. Track days, even on a bike that won't do 187, are waay more fun.

brickl 09-15-2003 08:20 AM

Re: How fast is too fast?
Let 'em come. I'm just wondering when the red-blooded, corn-fed, crew-cutted, flag-waving law enforcement types will see the light and stop the insanity.

They have to push back on this stupidity.

Half the reason I moved back to the "big city" is that the cops here have way too much crime to worry about to screw around with speeders.

Wisconsin? Nazis. Complete Nazism going on there w/ regard to traffic ticketing. I don't know how the troopers, sheriffs deputies, and town cops sleep at night in that state. Nothing more than tax collectors with badges there.

Mr_John 09-15-2003 08:21 AM

Re: How fast is too fast?
OK from what I can tell my 98 Triumph T509 is not supposed to be able to do 155 mph but with a race exhaust and a good tune job by The Motorcycle Shop in Anchorage I have found the needle hitting 150 mph without the rev limiter kicking in about half dozen times, plus 125 mph many times. Crazy, stupid, criminal, unsafe to do on Alaskan roads that aren't the smoothest and frequently contain fallen rocks, sand, gravel not to mention the occasional moose? No I do not believe it to be any of those things. The bike is able to handle that speed in stable manner much longer than conditions allow me to go that fast. I also pick my piece of road plus wear qualtity gear and as always check the motorcycle out before the ride. The mind is clicking up there at hyper speed taking in all that data while the body performs. I love it! Not as much fun as a real good cornering feat but still gets your fun level up a wee bit from watching TV. High speeds are not that dangerous, unsafe riding is a different matter. Should I get a ticket for speeding? Yes. Jail? No. How about running 130 mph while weaving in and out of traffic and causing motorist to risk accidents. Ticket, Yes, jail, ?. Bottom line, I believe it is OK to risk your own life, not OK to risk anothers, but stupid to engage in dangerous activities carelessly. Take your shots people.

obandoj 09-15-2003 08:33 AM

Re: How fast is too fast?
175, deserted road in Arizona, oooh yes.....

54 year old sphincter in perfect working order!

boxerboy 09-15-2003 08:35 AM

Re: How fast is too fast?
As the owner of a '77 R100/7, I (ahem) haven't any warp-speed tales to tell from recent rides. I'll wager, though, that 140 kph ('bout 85mph) on my old airhead feels much like 220 on an R1.

Which begs the question: Does the phenomenal competence of modern sportbikes render elevated but sane speeds boring? Is that a good thing?

Fer example, in '77, I bought my first 'big' bike. It was a KZ650C, which, at the time, was faster than most of the 750s on the market (maybe 60-65hp). I ran it up to 200kph ('bout 120mph) quite a few times, which, even in a straight line, felt like 300kph on the banking at Daytona on a superbike (I'm supposing). The difference, of course, is with that basically equivalent sensation of speed, I had almost twice as much time to react to any dear/dog/old-fart-in-a-clapped-out-Ford-Fairlane who might have wandered into my path.

Just some thoughts, folks.

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