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leach7 08-20-2003 10:18 AM

Re: The Story of E-H
If the Hanlons had put in one tenth the time, money and effort in quality and marketing that they did into building an oversized but impressive looking factory, they might have had a chance. GO VICTORY!

jsimpson 08-21-2003 07:17 AM

Re: The Story of E-H
As I understand it, Minnesota got stuck with the expense of the factory. And comparing E-H to Victory is nonsensical: Victory is hardly a startup; Victory was built by a multimillion dollar corporation with a steady income from other products. Victory's have had as many or more problems than Excelsiors and had the income of it's other lines there to carry it while it made the neccessary improvements. Nor is comparing it to Indian legitimate. Indian is just a rebadged California Motorcycle Company evo clone, albeit lately with round heads to stake a claim at some legitimacy.

jsimpson 08-21-2003 07:24 AM

Re: The Story of E-H
I don't live in Minnesota, so I would like to thank the Hanlons for building the E-H. I enjoy the heck out of mine! In forty seven years of riding, I've owned many German, American, British and Japanese bikes, and enjoyed them all. But none give me the sheer riding pleasure of my E-H. I just sold my Heritage Softail and my R1100RT to ride exclusively on my EH until I'm too old to ride any more!

lukam 09-10-2003 08:28 AM

Re: Buells AREN't Great
Talk about a dip$hit are you really saying that since buell had some quality problems in the past it is impossible for them to never make a reliable bike? I guess you work at the company and know all that you can make this type of pull out of your a$$ statement?

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