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Default Re: RE Higdon Disgruntled

The Soviet European Republic. They can take their precious Euro and shove it.
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Default Re: RE Higdon Disgruntled

Damn do I like this guy. Iron butt and iron will all wrapped up in one package. Bob Higdon for president!!!
continuing the great experiment involving the effects of sleep deprivation among the marginally sane
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Default Re: RE Higdon Disgruntled

Bob, you da Man! I had/am having a distressingly similiar situation. I was having a stay of execution hearing relating to a 125mph speeding ticket on my 2002 Kawasaki ZRX 1200R in a remote part of Alaska (I did that, good thing for me that the cop hadnÂ’t come across me a few minutes earlier) and of having the smell of alcohol on my breath (not against the Law!) IÂ’d entered into an agreement with the State accepting a Reckless driving convection on the condition that among other things the DMV would run any penalties concurrent with my accepted penalties (a 90 day work limited license). The DMV chose to ignore the States own agreement with me and the State was now fighting against me in violation of the States own agreement with me and the Judges ruling accepting that agreement. IÂ’d wanted to fight this out in a court of Law from the start believing, naively, that since I was innocent I should win. IÂ’d passed all field sobriety tests (to include standing on one foot while counting backwards from 30 as a Semi passed at 55mph 3 feet away from behind me, the roar on the tape drowns out my voice, nice timing officer) and had been given an invalid breathalyzer test according to the States own Statutes. My lawyer insisted that I should take a plea. "This is the only way that you can be assured not to have a DUI on your record, you need to protect your Pilot license" (IÂ’ve been a licensed Commercial Pilot for the past 25 years, the other of my lifeÂ’s passions). There are two standards that must be met in order to get a stay of execution in this situation: 1. A probability of success on the appeal. The Judge granted that. 2. Irreparable financial damage. That standard the Judge didnÂ’t see even though two potentual employers made provisional job offers on tape based on my winning that stay. I guess the judge was thinking why would an unemployed person want a grand a week job? Give me a break; I would think that would be something obvious to any reasonable and prudent person, a 90 day license revocation? (On top of the 90 day suspension! not to mention the 10 grand plus IÂ’m into this mess already). Not to mention that the DMV hearing officer, who acted as judge, prosecutor (calling her own expert witness to counter mine) and executioner enforced an alchohol related DMV action against me KNOWING that the test as administered did not meet the States OWN Statutes, At $175 dollars an hour it was necessary to go back and prove my irreparable financial damage. I've since found out that if I win the appeal I will have to reappear before the DMV again for a re-hearing probably before the same obviously prejudiced Hearing Officer! I also learned that for the States breaking it's contract with me I have the right to force a trial that could result in my getting a DWI! How COULD the State EVER restore me? I could write a book, IÂ’ll say this, if youÂ’re innocent insist upon a blood test. I learned that the hard way. PS Your terrorist remark was well noted but I don't even want to Start on which I believe is a bigger threat day in and day out to our Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. Let alone the Constitution! Due process my ass!
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The Toad

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Default Re: RE Higdon Disgruntled

Here in a capsule is why we have the 2nd Amendment.
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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Default Re: RE Higdon Disgruntled

Fightin' back against Da Man!!

Mr. Higdon has been missing in action too long. I was delighted to note his return to print in the latest BMWRA 'On the Level'. Let's hope that he writes the daily coverage of this year's Iron Butt.
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Default Re: RE Higdon Disgruntled

Hey Higdon.

You're an *******. You may ask, but why? Well, even if you don't ...

Because it's 50 freakin' dollars. Just pay it, you flippin' moron and don't speed. But no. You're that guy.

Which guy?

You know, THAT guy. The guy at every biker gathering, every rally, every race, that's got the big fat mouth and can not live at all unless he regales the world around him with stories about how HE STUCK IT TO THE MAN.



What about my right to have you shut the ***** up?

You know why government employees everywhere are such beaten down, apathetic nits? Because all day long, day in and day out, they deal with people like you: People that imagine themselves lawyers, even though they have no law degree, and who go around shouting about their freakin' rights over a fifty dollar ticket.

Other people on this board have lauded your rebelliousness. Well, know at least someone out here wishes you'd ride at the speed limit and stop endangering people on the street while you loudly proclaim your rights, or, failing that, point yourself directly at a windmill and tell yourself it's a dragon. No, really, Higdon, it's a DRAGON. Get it! Go get it, boy! Get it!
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Default Re: RE Higdon Disgruntled

Desmo if you have the mental where with all (which I doubt) to wonder why this nation is going to hell in a hand basket look into a mirror somtime. There you will find the relection of the perfect paradigm of the mindless bleating sheep that are all too willing to pull down their collective drawers and bend over at the slightest prodding by the corrupt minions of our increasingly totalitarian bureauocracy. Do your friends, family, and all the rest of us a favor. Take a razor blade crawl into the bathtub, and slit your wrists now!

Thank You


Your Bureaucratic Master
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Default Re: RE Higdon Disgruntled

And in Australia - I got knicked for doing 67km/h in a 60 zone in peak hour traffic on a 3 lane each way divided road with no cross streets. I am more interested in watching people trying to kill me than the speedo and I was just keeping with the traffic - but as the government has garnered a 40% increase in revenue from speed cameras this year, and is forecasting much more next year, I am doing my duty to balance the budget!! (Guess they shouldn't have banned smoking at the poker machines, resulting in a 30% drop in their takings from that vice - but it has to be made up somewhere!!)
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Default Re: RE Higdon Disgruntled

I hate to come off like some nancy-boy but if you had " the smell of alcohol on your breath" and you're doing 125mph you've got some issues to resolve. I know you didn't blow a .08 but you must have had a beer or two. Drinking and running that fast is a good way to get hurt, my friend.
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Default Re: RE Higdon Disgruntled

Having been nabbed by the speed cameras myself and gone through the semi-fruitless attempt to fight it I can tell you that every word in that article is true. The constitutional issues are many, starting with innocoent until proven guilty.

I was able to get one of my two tickets thrown out because there was another vehicle in the radar beam. Oddly enough the crappy black and white photo of the alleged speeding wasn't clear enough to show the second vehicle but the high-quality photo that whomever sent me the ticket used showed it clearly. Lockheed Martin gives the cameras to the city in exchange for a *very* healthy cut of the fines and there is no way to fight the tickets on there merits. I fail to see how the public interest is served by a police officer sitting in a car reading a newspaper while his car snaps photos of speeders while countless other and more dangerous infractions pass by ignored. I'm getting pretty good at picking out the camera cars, they usually have orange cones blocking off the parking space in front of the camera. Whenever I ride by one I slow to the speed limit (at the risk of getting run over by the traffic around me) and give the camera/cop a single digit salute. It makes me really want to get ride of my undertail and slap the license plate in there at an angle that the camera can't read.

DC finally has the commuter tax it has wanted for so long.
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