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Labrat 05-22-2003 08:44 AM

Re: MO is (in)famous! Woohoo!
WOW!! Now all we need is motorcycle powered monkey-collider.

MrCrashHappy 05-22-2003 08:45 AM

Re: MO is (in)famous! Woohoo!
Take heart you loverly bunch of nuts. McLuhan posited that the "medium is the message." If pressed, the quarter-wits at The Onion would fawningly defer to his opinion and give MO the credit you merit. Diaper-wearing, anti-intellectuals that they are.

staff 05-22-2003 08:47 AM

Re: MO is (in)famous! Woohoo!
Huh? English man, speaka da English

jackatwork02109 05-22-2003 09:39 AM

Re: MO Make the ONION. We're (in)famous! Woohoo! MO has ONION breath! I think I'll cancel my subscription.


sarnali 05-22-2003 09:42 AM

Re: MO Make the ONION. We're (in)famous! Woohoo!
Oh behave, they only mentioned your name in passing, grasp-at-straws-boy. What the hell is "the onion" anyway some lefty college boy clap-trap? If it was something like THE TACOMA NEWS TRIBUNE you could say you'd arrived. Put out the cee-gars and get back to work.

maladg 05-22-2003 09:52 AM

Re: MO is (in)famous! Woohoo!
If you hate "The Onion", you'll REALLY hate "Opinion Journal's - Best of the Web" daily feature. A running joke is "Life Imitates the Onion". Opinion Journal is the online companion to the Wall St. Journal. Read at your own risk. If annoyed, I'm delighted.

rsheidler 05-22-2003 09:53 AM

Re: MO Make the ONION.
Careful Vinnie -- lusting after Sister Theresa is probably a venal sin! How many Our Fathers and Hail Marys?


ebass 05-22-2003 10:12 AM

The cee-gars stay lit!
You wear your ignorance like a giant scarlet "I" across your chest! The Onion is an icon of the internet. Occupying the same satirical pantheon as SNL and Mad Magazine. Get thee some edumacation, fooooh!

Grover 05-22-2003 10:18 AM

Re: MO Make the ONION. We're (in)famous! Woohoo!
Ahh, the ONION, begun some I don't know how many years ago by some kids at the University of Wisconsin who thought it'd be funny to make fun of everyone and everything. I've been reading it since I was in high school, but back then I think it was still just in Madison, and maybe Milwaukee. One of my first years in college everyone and their moms had the "BEER, IT KICKS ASS!!!" article posted on their door. Anyway it wasn't that long ago that they moved to New York and became a nationwide publication. Pretty amazing success story really.

Haird 05-22-2003 10:51 AM

Re: MO Make the ONION. We're (in)famous! Woohoo!
Yes, gives one hope for MO.

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