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Default Re: The apocalypse deferred!

It's ironic you should say "Lisa Bonet" and "Wasted" in the same sentence.
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Default Re: The apocalypse deferred!

This is the movie that should have been made. 14K The Movie


Check out this web site. Squid on the street turns to the track to see if he is as good a rider as he thinks.

The Synopsis

Young Billy Grant loves motorcycles and trouble loves Billy. Stuck in jail after an arrest for his illegal street racing, he watches a national championship motorcycle race on TV and realizes that that’s where he belongs. His quest takes him to the door of the retired Champion Eddie Macklin. Dissed by the aloof Eddie, Billy ‘borrows’ a bike from Eddie’s barn and goes for a joy ride in the valley. Chased by cops, Billy drops the bike, trashes it. Eddie’s daughter, Charlie, calms her father’s ire and arranges for Billy to work it off on the Macklin ranch.

When Billy cons his way into the race school and into the rookie race at Willow Springs and wins, Eddie agrees to back him for one race. Billy wins and Eddie takes him under his wing for the season. But the tension builds between the two as on the track the wild Billy either wins or crashes. And off the track his romancing Charlie enflames the already tenuous relationship with Eddie. The last thing a father wants – a high school drop-out and a crazy rider on his daughters arm. But Billy’s riding high and his bitter rivalry with ****y Tex Rex Callahan has excited the media and the fans. Until Billy takes a bad spill fighting it out with Rex. Humbled and injured, he realizes his dream is over. But with Charlie’s help, he works his body back. He realizes he needs to listen to Eddie as a mentor, and Eddie realizes he needs the kid who’s gotten him back into racing and the joy of life. Wanting to win the national championship the trio head for the big show. And there Billy will discover that winning doesn’t necessarily mean crossing the line first.

The Project

We are producing a major motion picture, 14K about our sport of motorcycle road racing. The goal is not simply

to make an entertaining and profitable movie, but to introduce a broad public to this very exciting world. The

project presents a great opportunity to present both our sport and our products to a very wide audience. Movies

clearly have considerable influence. After Top Gun appeared Navy Air enlistments were up 110%; after Karate

Kid, dojos were overflowing with children, and after the Color of Money, pool became very popular. We are

striving for absolute authenticity in presenting our sport, conveying both the "living on the edge" excitement and

the extraordinary individuals drawn to this arena. The story is about a troubled kid who goes from illegal street

racer to eventual road racing stardom, from angry young man to a caring human being who finds his true self

through his passion for motorcycles.

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Default Re: Twin Peaks: Great Biker Show

Yay Twin Peaks!

Oddly enough, a group of my friends here in the 'Burque is showing Twin Peaks, a couple episodes a week, on Wednesday nights. So, coincidental that it would get brought up on a Wednesday. (oooooOOOOOOoooooh...)

And yes, the series is available on DVD, except the pilot, which is only available as a pirated DVD from Hong Kong, and the sound is kinda wierd. But it's a Lynch thing, so you mostly don't notice, anyway.

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Default Re: The apocalypse deferred!

God Bless you.

Just don't go being bogus about it. Any resemblance to Days of Thunder and you will be hated.

I hope you didn't plan on having him enter an expert or pro race and win the first time out. Not even Nicky did that. That would qualify as bogus. Going from squid to actual AMA pro in a year would be bogus.

Please don't be bogus.
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Default Re: The apocalypse deferred!

I hope they are successful in raising the money to actually film this movie.

I believe that they have been running a race team (I think WERA National Endurance Series) with some Suzuki factory support. I am guessing that maybe they are getting some race footage in the process???

Have not read much about the project recently. Anybody have any new information?

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Default Re: The apocalypse deferred!

With the exception of Chicago, none of the movies that beat it are likely to take home many awards either. Looks like the loser among a whole flock of turkeys (with a couple of possible exceptions)
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Default Bronson... yeah, I remember..

He was so cool, he could fix that Sportster with a rock.... the scene of him straightening out his front fender with two rocks (having low-sided do avoid a doe& fawn) while still in the ditch just flickered before my inner eye.. (>snif<).. I kept a "Bronson Rock" around the shop for about twenty years - 'never know when y'might need a versatile tool like that...
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Default Re: The apocalypse deferred!

Please interview as many racers as you can and get the real-world color, good and bad, and make sure you get the fun (and funny) parts.

Otherwise your storyline could qualify as a future feature on Lifetime.
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