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rsheidler 02-10-2003 07:36 AM

Re: S.U.V. driving hippocrites....
I always get a huge kick out of electric vehicles being described as "non-polluting." As the lunatic fringe of the pro-envoronmental movement have virtually guaranteed that there will be no more nuclear powerplants, or any new hydro-electric dams, than basically leaves fossil-fuel plants as the only practical means of generating significant amounts of power in most areas.

I can see some theoretical advantage to electric powered vehicles in selected areas (eg LA Basin) where population density and atmospheric conditions pose special problems. Maybe it could make sense to move the emission point out to the Mojave or someplace like that, but just do not delude yourself into thinking that because it is out of your sight (and smell), it doesn't exist.



longride 02-10-2003 07:43 AM

Re: Is this a Motorcycle?
No mentioning the "H" word here. It's banned on this thread! :)

jmeyn 02-10-2003 07:57 AM

If it doesn't lean it's hard to consider it a motorcycle. Their state law says 3-wheelers can be motorcycles, but what do they know?

Anyway here,s what they're talking about. Like all pure electric vehicles it lacks the range for serious all round use. Unlike some it seems to be kinda nice for ordinary commuting.

Corbin would do better to base their platform on hybrid engine/motor technology like Honda Infinity and Toyota Prius rather than pure electrics. Unless they know more about near future battery capacity technology than I do.

KPaulCook 02-10-2003 08:08 AM

Re: Is this a Motorcycle?
Well said

seruzawa 02-10-2003 08:12 AM

Re: S.U.V. driving hippocrites....
It is interesting to note that the dams that are targetted by the Eco-wackos do not provide power for their own enclaves like San Jose or L.A.

Since they seem to hate industrialized society so much they should show us the courage of their convictions and refuse the use of novocaine at the dentist. Old drills and pliers for them.

And when camping they should be required to use no gear unless it is "natural" like deerskin and wood. Also they should only use buffalo dung for their campfires.

Since they are population reduction nuts to a man (or womyn) they should commit seppuku immediately. I'll act as second.

KPaulCook 02-10-2003 08:12 AM

You are correct.
That's correct. I haven't lived in Colorado for 12 years. I know that Colorado Springs has become a hotbed for the religous right. Too bad its a pretty town. The Dole type Republicans that used to dominate Colorado politics would keep church and state seperate. I am happen to be religous but I am not going to shove my beliefs down anybodys throat. Religous Freedom is why some of my ancestors came here. That means Religous Freedom for all Jews, Islam, Buddists etc. not just bible toting freaks.

jmeyn 02-10-2003 08:18 AM

Overstatement, but reasonably true
Hybrid vehicles currently pollute less per mile than comparable IC engined vehicles because the IC engine is permitted to operate in it's most efficient range and can be sized for average loads instead of peak. The battery problem you mention is another story.

Hydrogen fuel cells are the big boondoggle right now and guess who's pushing it hardest? A friend of yours I think.

The only possible "clean" nuclear power is fusion which may not be possible. Air, sun, hydro, geothermal and wave power are all clean but insufficient for economic or other reasons. The point of funding research on these sources now is to make the switch from fossil fuels to cleaner sources cheaper, quicker and less traumatic in the future.

That bit about the 300cc Lithium battery is a straw man. I thought you didn't like them.

-----------------The EcoWack-----------------

Man, you've got a mouth on you.

SeanAlexander 02-10-2003 08:25 AM

Re: Is this a Motorcycle?
Please use the MODERATE button to give your opinion of other people's postings. The posting of "Well Said" "Right On" "I agree" etc... without actually adding something to the discussion, is a waste of everyone else's time and clutters the thread.

kawazuki 02-10-2003 08:30 AM

Re: Is this a Motorcycle?
*gasp* Nuclear power plants, but those are so dangerous!

And actually, there is a fairly reasonable amount of evidence that we are in the middle of an ice age, and have been for several hundred years, but that the tide has been held back by (ironically enough) the amount of pollution we've been kicking out creating (you guessed it) a greenhouse effect, which is keeping the planet warm enough to be comfortable.

Then again, it could just be a theory without enough evidence to support it. I still think it's a fun idea.


jmeyn 02-10-2003 08:32 AM

Re: S.U.V. driving hippocrites....
LA gets significant power from San Onofre, so electric vehicles make local sense. The trouble is most people in the basin have huge commutes.

The introduction of thousands of little electric vehicles into the LA traffic grid should provide enough gore to satisfy the most bloodthirsty of us. Probably seruzawa.

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