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Default Re: Good Rant

Jesus would drive a Suburban with the third row seating. Gotta have room for the apostles after all.
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Default Re: Buy a Bike: Stop Terrorism, Save the Planet, and Get Right with God

The typical SUV driver is never going to discover our religion and start riding motorcycles. The only thing that will kill SUVs is higher gas prices. Remember the muscle cars of the 60s? They stopped being so popular around the 1973 oil crisis. Then everyone started getting Datsun Zs and Mazda RX-7s. I say let gas prices soar, SUVs will die and sports cars will come back in fashion (cool at acceptable costs). Most bikers won't much care if it cost $10 instead of $5 to fill their tank. But SUV drivers WILL notice when it cost $50 instead of $25.

BTW - I am not slamming cars of the 60's, luv them. But, I'd rather have an original 240Z any day.
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Default It's obvious! Don't you guys read scripture.

It's right there in the Bible! Well, David's bike anyway...

"And David's Triumph was heard throughout the land".

Cool! He even had an aftermaket pipe on it

Jesus probably would ride an older Triumph as well. He would be the only one who could keep one running, and he has "Overcome the principalities of darkness", which one can only assume includes Lucas Electrics.

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Default Re: Buy a Bike: Stop Terrorism, Save the Planet, and Get Right with God

We have been paying for this all along by trashing the planet for our decendants. There is a whole industry built around oil that includes many government folks who've gotten rich at our expense. We had a big payment made on 09/11/01. If we were not dependant on foreign oil, Saudi Arabia and the rest of our enemies in the middle east would simply be deserts populated by poor,illiterate, and mostly unarmed Bedouins

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Default No magic necessary

>>"What one really needs to do is to magically collect all of the gasses that a VFR and a Caddy emit . . ."

I don't think you need any magic, the total quantity of gas (mostly CO2 and water vapor) coming out of the tailpipe should be pretty much proportional to the quantity of fuel being burned. Hence you can divide the ratiometric pollution measurement by the vehicle mileage to get comparable measures of absolute emissions, that is, some sort of emissions per mile measure. I suppose this would be thrown off by systems that inject air into the exhaust system in front of the catalytic converter, by engines that pass alot of unburned fuel (i.e. two strokes), or by engines that run unusually rich or lean, but it should be a pretty good measure in general.

I think that your main point, that motorcycles aren't that clean, still stands.
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Default Re: Buy a Bike: Stop Terrorism, Save the Planet, and Get Right with God

Good stuff! I see at least one thinking person subscribes to MO.
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Default Re: Not so fast Crash The real cost of Arab Oil

"First the majority of SUV owners do not "Take five adults, one Saint Bernard, and a hundred pounds of gear on two cross-country trips and regular camping outings. "

There is no possible way you know that KPaul. You are manufacturing facts.

"Second just because someone will buy the oil that we don't doesn't means we should be looking at other ways to haul 5 people and Heidi around."

We may be able to look at other ways, but right now a big vehicle is the way to do it. Like it or not there is a need for big vehicles. SUV's fit the bill. Get over it.

"The real cost of Arab Oil is that it makes us sell out our ideas i.e. we support oppressive monarchies like Saudi Arabia. It's the political cost that makes buying oil from the Arabs expensive. It also makes us venerable to region that is inherently unstable politically. "

Boy this is loaded. One, we have no "ideals" to sell out. America is for itself and only itself and the almighty buck. We aren't for the world good and never have been. We support those who make us money or have a strategic importance. Remember Vietnam? If you really know WHY the mideast is politically unstable, it could be our backing of the butcher Shah of Iran, our arming and then bombing of Saddam and Afghanistan, and our creation of Israel, our CIA political assasinations over many years which created the "instability" in the first place. Monsters are fine with us, as long as they are OUR monsters.

"Just to be clear I am a Republican that happens to think we need to get off our butt and do something about our oil dependence on Arab Oil. And driving around in an SUV is not the way to do it."

Yet it was the Republicans that made sure the SUV makers didn't have to abide by the current emission laws, as to not hurt sales. So I guess if a relative of mine is fighting in the Mideast, I can blame the Republicans like you.
I'm a knucklehead
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Default Re: Talk show caller

Too bad you only have half the brain that a talk show caller has, and incite the rest of the folk with even less of a brain to believe you are right.

-You want to get right with God, buy a bicycle.

-Get rid of the SUV? Try towing a boat with your bike, or getting to your favorite camping spot with your wife and kids and a weekends worth of gear on your bike or a honda hybrid.

-Stupid, thumbsucking, trying to be manly in their unsafe vehicles? Bikes are six times more dangerous to ride than your average car (regardless of the reason butthead, don't go into a rant on this).

-Motorcycle riding takes cojones? It does take skill and attention but it is the jerks who use their bikes and open the throttle for acceleration at "mind-bending rates" on a regular basis that give the rest of us a bad name. Not that I don't love performance, and opening it up once in a while, but it takes skill, not cojones. But if you think it makes you a bigger man, fine Francis. And if you do it on the track, well, there goes your arguement for pampered Americans as you indulge yourself because you can, and it's a free country.

-America only imports a little more than 10% of our oil. Our main interest in the middle east is because of reserves, and the world market. Japans oil is 100% imported. Imagine if the cost of fuel went up 200% for them. Your beloved GSXR 750 would cost more than a Harley.

-I hate responding to people who are either truly stupid, or feel the need to incite others. But there are some who truly care, and might even take your convoluted figures for fact and make an informed decision based on them, so I felt the need to answer.

-By the way, you might get pissed off daily, but you are no John Burns.

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Default Re: Buy a Bike: Stop Terrorism, Save the Planet, and Get Right with God

Let's get real serious about this. Get off that damn motorcycle, and ride a bicycle. You can cut down the oil use and polution big time.
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Default Re: Wrong

As someone who attended conservative fundamentalist Christian church-run schools for 14 years -- through the first 2 years of university, I have done a fair amount of study of the Bible -- both directly as well as reading the works of Biblical scholors.

While I consider myself to be an agnostic, I have great admiration for Jesus, and I consider the Jewish and Christian Scriptures to be among the great works of literature and moral philosophy -- in partucular, I consider the King James Version to be one of the preeminent works of English Literature.

I believe that most scholars assert that the (possibly reformed) prostitute Mary Magdalene was, in fact, one of Jesus' closest companions.

You are correct that my comments (and, I am certain, those of others in this thread) are tounge-in-cheek. However, please explain how my questioning (however flippant) of Jesus' supposed opposition to public nudity could constitute blasphemy? Also, if you would, please cite the clear, unambigous Biblical references which support your view that Jesus considered public nudity to be immorality, or for that matter, which supports the "traditional" Christian definition of what constitutes sexual immorality (ie any sexual activity other than between husband and wife).

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