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Tristan7 10-07-2002 01:04 PM

Re: US DOT Motorcycle Braking Study
What useless crap! They "evaluate" different brake systems on TOTALLY different motorcycles and determine we should all have front ABS and LBS.

dean_1 10-07-2002 01:09 PM

Re: US DOT Motorcycle Braking Study
If I recall when Claybrook was in charge one conclusion reached was that extended front ends were safer because the extra length resulted in reduced speed at impact of rider. EEYIKES!

Although this presentation seems to be prepared by someone cutting their teeth with collecting and presenting data who knows what a career minded bureaucrat might be able to concoct.

longride 10-07-2002 01:43 PM

Motorcycling diseases
Took a few quotes from the article and will match those up with well know motorcycling diseases:

Steps rider took to avoid crash:

" –22% of motorcycle fatalities were related to braking or steering maneuvers"

This is "Idontbelongonamotorcycleitis"

Caused by no control over the motorcycle beyond ability to twist the throttle. Symptoms leading to this disease are usually large amounts of brown material in the pants followed by a loud scream.

"Fatalities related to braking has fluctuated slightly between 1990 and 1999 but remains at 13%"

This is "Leadfoot Syndrome" Crash accompanied by heavy rear brake action with no front brake actuation. Syndrome usually has following symptoms:Handlebar grips usually have finger indentations from a 1000 psi squeeze before impact, accompanied by teeth mashed 1/4 inch shorter by clenching jaws.

"30% of fatalities were attributed to no maneuver taken to avoid crash"

"This is "Sphincter Pucker Syndrome". Accompanied by boiled egg eyeballs, seat foam found between buttocks, and a hearty "Oh Sheeeeyat" before impact.

–One-half of the motorcycle fatalities occurred when the vehicle was negotiating a curve

This one is "Brainfaart Affliction" Early symptoms begin with going too fast, turning in too early, and leaning too little. Advanced symptoms start with braking unnecessarily, with sudden standing up of the motorcycle. Could be accompanied by one or all of the above diseases to allow a sudden crash or complete exit from the roadway.

In short, please check your braking and turning skills to detect any or all of the above motorcycling diseases. If any are present I suggest you stay off the road until you can actually brake, turn, and control your motorcycle. You will do us and yourself a favor.

micro 10-07-2002 02:33 PM

Re: US DOT Motorcycle Braking Study
2nd the thanks for the mirror!

micro 10-07-2002 02:44 PM

Re: Its a hotly debated topic--I'll take LBS & ABS
I have been riding sportbikes for 20 years,and can stop real quick.But in a panic situation when I am surprized I usually lock my front brake temporarilly before releasing enough for it to really grab and stop me.I think ABS is better for real life riding on the street.

seruzawa 10-07-2002 03:13 PM

Re: US DOT Motorcycle Braking Study
Ummm, by the stats you quoted 2/3 of these fatalities involve bikes under 1000cc. Looks like the squids account for about 50% of the fatalities though they only comprise about 20% of the riders.

That wouldn't surprise me at all having had the misfortune to drive to the Rock Store on Sunday morning a couple of times. Going 100+ around blind curves on a public road isn't exactly responsible riding.

waepoint 10-07-2002 06:13 PM

Re: US DOT Motorcycle Braking Study
erm, how about accounting practices and disclosure?

Steven_Verschoor 10-07-2002 07:14 PM

Re: US DOT Motorcycle Braking Study
Well, sometimes, anyway... good post.

akcarlson 10-07-2002 07:30 PM

Brit Mag Study
There was a Brit bike magazine study on this same subject, only more in depth. I don't remember the details, since I just read it in the bookstore, but I know it involved Honda motorcycles of all types, utilizing just about every type of braking system, LBS, ABS, and no assist, all on wet tarmac. They used a CBR600, a Valkyrie (maybe a VTX or a Shadow), an Interceptor, and an X-11,maybe others. Like I said, it was about six months ago, and I don't even remember what magazine it was in - probably Ride, they're generally the most useful.

If anyone remembers the details of this test, you could fill my (substantial) gaps.

Yeah_right 10-07-2002 11:22 PM

Re: US DOT Motorcycle Braking Study
>had the misfortune to drive to the Rock Store on Sunday morning a couple of times.<

Anyone who goes to the rock store is misfortunate. I rode my bike there and while going around a turn at a sane 45mph, I almost collided head-on with Jay Leno's chin, which was hanging over the centerline.

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