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tshelver 10-02-2002 02:30 AM

Re: And the point is...
Keep Burnsie going as is. Everybody else has an opinion, why shouldn't he vent his? At least his reasoning is semi-intelligent.

Classifieds: yes, but please put in a decent search engine. All the other M/C classified sites seem to pretty much have gone dead except for Cycletrader.

Keep KPaul. Ban The Highwayman, unless you hire him as the resident comedian, and post a joint Burns / Highwayman article...

A place to post rides and events, easily updated by the members.

twister299 10-02-2002 02:40 AM

Re: And the point is...
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You might find it easier than building from scratch.

motoman711 10-02-2002 02:42 AM

How about some offroad?
I see the poor little neglected offroad link and I about want to cry. There is no off-season when you are willing to ride through all of the s***** and muck just to get the WR450 test done or whatever... Better motocross coverage and tests of bikes would be good as well.

twister299 10-02-2002 02:44 AM

Re: A Red Ryder Ranger Rifle with a compass in the stock...
All of the above and insurance rating

How about a ride sign up. Like "hey we are meeting at such a place at such a time in theis city to go here want to ride be there"

sherm 10-02-2002 02:50 AM

Re: And the point is...
There is no consistency in you bike tests. Sometimes you take them to the track, sometimes to the drag srtip, somtimes just ride them around, etc. It would be nice if you developed a more formal approach to the bike tests so that I can make a direct comparison between bike a and bike b even if they were not tested at the same time. Take a look at Motorcycle Consumer News. I think they do the best tests of all the magazines.

Does all your writing have to be cute, cool, and hip? I know that lots of your readers like that that style but to me it gets old. Once in a while just say what you want to say without the stand up comic business. It will be refreshing.

jtherkel 10-02-2002 03:13 AM

Re: How hard is it to review older bikes???
Yeah, I agree. Focus on bikes your readers actually own. Maybe more advice on buying a used bike. And an article on buying cheap-ass bikes for less than $1,000. Also, more maintenance articles from the real world, similar to the SV650 series.


TatdNPrcd 10-02-2002 03:17 AM

More Videos!
Man I love that s***! I can ***** away most of my day at work watching you guys ride OPBs.

How about a few at the local hangout. Maybe some in the shop or John Burns at home. On second thought... scratch Burns but I think you get the idea. Riding and living.

Hell, guys I'd like to see riders doing anything motorcycle related. Beats the same old porn and I feel better afterward.


1) - COOL!

4) No classifieds. Leave them to

5) Customizable content sounds a little flakey but if there are flakes who want it go for it.

6) Personnal clubs/forums/email lists sound interesting. I'd use 'em.

longride 10-02-2002 03:17 AM

Re: And the point is...
I think that most here, unless I am mistaken, are looking for more consistent delivery of content. It seems as though we get many tests and news items in a short period, and then a lull where everyone is wondering what happened to the crew. I know it is difficult to run the site and get all the work done, as well as maintain consistency, but I think if the news and tests were more evenly spaced the complaints would lessen. Me, I don't care about any of this motorcycle stuff anyway. I'm just here to keep KPaul in line.

DJS 10-02-2002 03:26 AM

My .02 for content
Couple of things I'd like to see

1. More of a traditional forum where we can set topics and discuss. You can get board software cheap, users would volunteer to moderate for nothing to keep the crap down, and page views = $$ right? What have you got to lose?

2. When you do dyno runs, how about storing the data in a database in addition to the pretty picture of the curve? Then you could play comparison games by plotting any 2 or 3 bikes against each other on a single scale. Hell I'd pay the subscription costs just for a well set up comparison database.

3. Encourage more amateur writing. Of course you'd have to filter through a lot of crap to keep your content high quality but the content would be free.

4. Do a model feedback database where you can search a particular model and see what actual owners have to say about reliability and cost of ownership and such. Kind of like or the registries. Your only cost is the webgeek maintenance.

Maybe I'll think of more later, but this is it for now. Good luck guys, this site has a lot of potential.


jtherkel 10-02-2002 03:28 AM

Re: Not Just the Bikes
Yeah, it's the people. There are hundred of hobbyist magazines out there, covering everything from planes to boats to ham radio. They all write about the latest toys, but good bike mags write about the people you meet and the motorcycle experience.

I think this goes along with my request for more road trip articles. The guy who rode around with attractive ladies on the pillion was an inspiration. I just looked at the "Traveling the World" section, and I saw articles about "Insane Mexico" and "Good Morning Vietnam." Why don't you guys promote these articles and write more like them?


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