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Default Re: Dear Moridians...

I SERIOUSLY DOUBT that Suzuki would be foolish enough to stick with that Rotary Damper on the rumored SV-1000. I wouldn't be suprised is they do introduce an SV-1000, but I don't think that photo is it.
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Default Re: Dear Moridians: A Portent of Things To Come

Hi, i've just subscribed to your on-line magazine. Since I'm in for Kawasaki's 1200 ZZR, I'd like very much to get a complete review of the bike. Is it going to happen any time soon - I'd prefer it going alone, no shootouts please, information risk being dispersed there.

One more question: when are you going to give us more precise bike's figures - accelleration, makimum speed etc... - using measuring devices?

Will anyone ever answer my questions? Hope so!!!


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Default Re: Dear Moridians: A Portent of Things To Come

While you are doing the XX vs. ZZ-R, why not throw in the ZX-12R and Hya-boosta just for overall comparison. How uncomfortable are the more sport-focused rockets compared to the ZZ-R, and how much less sporty is the ZZ-R compared to the others? I'll be in the market soon and I am very interested in how they all compare. Thank you...
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