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Default Re: John Burns: Monday Malfeasance

Watch out John - now all the Flush Rimjob 'conservative' dittoheads will unglue their eyes from the Bob O'Reilly Show and Faux News to ream you a new one for trodding on their Sacred Amurikan Cows. Are you a terr'ist or sumpinn??
\"One of the saddest phenomena of modern times is that millions of asses are suffering needlessly because Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda were morons 30 years ago.\" - John Prurient Burns
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Default Re: I don't follow your thinking

"punch you in the face and throw up on you" YOW! You could KILL OR MAIM a guy doing stuff like that. Then how would you feel. I realize you probably didn't mean that literally, but if we must take some things you say with a grain of salt, maybe you should give J.B. and the others the same respect. You have some valid points and you got my attention, but lighten up.

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Default Wow! Let's see if anybody reads this.

Cops and "civilians" (although I'm in the military, I guess I'm still civilian to them) have had a divide growing between them for the past few decades. I remember growing up in a small town in Massachusetts, knowing all the cops by name, and being chastised by some, mostly for riding dirt bikes through town. I understand the penalty for such shenanigans these days is inpoundment of the offending vehicle, overnight arrest, and months of legal trauma and cost.

I used to think of the police as just regular guys like me, but, in recent years, I find that we no longer relate.

My younger brother is a state trooper in MA. The family joke is that his middle name is now "****". Only, it's not really a joke. On the rare times he lets his guard down, he tells us stories about police actions that he and his buddies have engaged in. The stories usually end with the rest of us saying "Gee, you ARE a ****!". It's quite clear that the views of the police are not those of he rest of the populace.

OTOH, I wouldn't want to do their job. They have a difficult and demanding task, and, as all of us, must answer to many masters.

RE: Burnsie. Loved the article. Lower BAC numbers will not get a single drunk off the road.

Mongo just pawn in game of life.
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Default Re: John Burns: Monday Malfeasance

Thomas Jefferson
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Default Re: In India . . .

Yes, and in the US, you can patent products from less developed nations and then charge them royalties for them to produce and consume in their own nation, and sue your folks for millions of dollars cause you didn't like your name, all at the same time. We have a saying in India. "People with houses of glass do not throw stones at other peoples houses."

But waitaminnit, I thought this was a motorcycling site...........whatever.

All I want to say is that for a country which has just had a little over 50 years of freedom from an opressive british rule, I think we're progressing just fine. Yes, the government is bad, yes, the beliefs are old, yes the people are uneducated, but then, compare us not with you, compare us with other equal countries.

And as for your example about the wifey killin thing, don't forget that wives are killed for much trivial reasons than that in your own country. A couple of weeks ago, a guy in ohio killed his wife 'cause she refused fellatio. Good thing? I wonder.....
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Default Re: Wow! Let's see if anybody reads this.

Cops who think they aren't civilians are idiots. I have told off many police officers that have referred to myself or someone else as a civilian, and complained to their superiors and politicians in attempts to get results. These are the people that have forgotten the second part of their oath: To protect and to serve. Any police officer who refers to a citizen as a civilain in a derogatory or superior attitude is a moron, because he himself is a civilian.

You are in the military. You are most definately not a civilian, you are a soldier/sailor/airman/Marine. Next time some police officer tells you something like that I would make damn sure he understands just how wrong he is and how stupid he sounds.

--The Fox

The best bike to take a trip on is the one you have.
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Default Re: John Burns: Monday Malfeasance

Adding more fuel to the Zero Tolerance Fire is this article from ABC news.
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Default Last 5 mos. of college was married graduated, work now

I actually worked mostly thru college but didn't after the grant. Point is that opportunities are available. It was $3500 which kept me floating during the time. Don't get me wrong I had other advantages too but it is easy to do nothing and blame society and not oneself for predicaments. The best example is the oriental store keeper in Spike Lee's "Do the right thing", who is abused for his work ethic.
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Default Re: John Burns: Monday Malfeasance

My friend got a DWI in Maryland when he rode his Bicycle into the back of a patrol car. My point? Uh didnt have one, just felt like sharing.

As for how could of you hurt someone by this action? Let me share one article I read a while back. Seems a drunken bicyclist rode through a stop sign (as most sober bicyclists often do) into the path of an oncoming car. The car swerved to miss the rider and ended up on the sidewalk on top of a family of 4 walking down the road, killing the mother and one child. If your impared in public, your a liability no matter how you slice it, walking, riding or driving...

I also have a lovely story of drunk friends doing the right thing, calling a cab only to have that end worse than if they drove. Seems the cabbie was drunker than they were and ended up rolling the cab 11 times. Cabbie died, one friend paralized and the other in serious condition. Sometimes you can't win.

Im all for laws forbiding alcohol in public as most city parks do already here in Ca. Alcohol has no positive result when consumed plain and simple. Now Im no angel, I grew up in the same drinking and driving situation mentioned a ways up in the posts. Hell I could of turned pro in my late teen years with 3 or more nights of drinking behind the wheel. Luckily though I escaped with a clean record and conscous (sp?). I now refrain completely, though I do miss a cold beer but I dont see the point. Alcohol is just like smoking, bad for you any way you look at it. Still we need our crutch, our escape our excuse, prohabition showed us that. Party on!
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Default Re: In India . . .

I would imagine one who did try and deliver a Sun would burn right up, as those suns are really hot balls of gas...
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