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floundericiousFL 05-07-2002 04:51 PM

Re: I agree Drinking and Driving is just bad

I think what JB was getting at had to do with "why punish for one so heavily and not the other." No doubt, driving around drunk is stupid, period. When you're piloting a large hunk of steel at high velocities and your reaction times are severely extended by alcohol or exhaustion, you will do some damage eventually. The sad part is that you might take someone who had nothing to do with you when you go.

It's a hard question to deal with...personal responsibility vs. protecting the public-at-large....

floundericiousFL 05-07-2002 04:53 PM

Re: John Burns: Monday Malfeasance
that's like the warning sticker found on a chainsaw in Sweden: "Do not attempt to stop chainsaw with hands or genitals" !?!!?!

ducfast 05-07-2002 05:09 PM

Re: John Burns: Monday Malfeasance

I'm sure some of your statistics are flexible but I agree with the theme of your argument.

America has great ideals written into the Declaration of Independence, Constituion and Bill of Rights. Too bad we've eroded the intention of those documents.

If it makes you feel any better there are still places for a man to be free. Come live in Japan.

Family matters, "I'm sorry" goes a long ways, the police do not harass you, motorcycles are socially acceptable and a Japanese wife is God's gift to man.

Looks like I'm an expat. Imagine that.

You're still invited to sample some of our fine roads and tracks. Ask Kent, he enjoyed himself.

Just bring your international drivers license and some good riding gear.


danch 05-07-2002 05:27 PM

Re: John Burns: Monday Malfeasance

Couple of comments. First, on the whole DUI thing - they've gotten uptight on that one because you can kill somebody else. I've gotten one too, and all I can say is, I did it, I'm paying for it. At least I didn't hurt anybody.</p>

Now, looking for your, I find instead this loverly statistic from my own fair state. Little old Wisconsin incarcerates a higher proportion of its african americans than any other state. And guess what for? Drug offenses, mostly. Hmmmm. A quote from the article: "What drives drug arrests are decisions about where to police." Interesting.</p>

Agent0090 05-07-2002 05:39 PM

Re: John Burns: Monday Malfeasance
Well, that was fun. I tuned in to read about some bikes, started reading about the FJR (I have a crazy dream of one day moving up from my '82 Nighthawk on my public defender salary), and ran smack-dab into pop-criminology hell. JB *****ed about a perceived police state, prison guards, racial justice problems, and threw in a touching father-and-son two-wheeled (though non-power) story of contemplated civil defiance. We had the requisite impassioned testimony from DUI vicitims, a curious bit about driving in India, and everyone's solutions to what makes them groan when they read the newspaper. Neato.

Would anyone like me to get on here and whine about my methamphetamine cases? I didn't think so. Bikes are dangerous. That's part of the reason that I ride. I feel that anything that might kill you if you ***** up makes you a better person if you don't. If you're uncomfortable with that, click on And drunk driving can and often does kill and mame. So do guns, excessive speed, slow speed, underinflated tires, junk food, eating junk food while driving, cell phones, talking on a cell phone while driving, too much sacharin, and public transportation in India. I'm starting not to care anymore.

I suppose the point of my rant is that rather than discussing (and leading the discussion into, JB) subjects that suck -- like death and the prison system -- let's discuss topics that give us some enjoyment and a reason to live. Like, umm, say, RIDING MOTORCYCLES!!! That's a good one! And Chicks!!! (And maybe dudes, if that's what you're into.) And places you can go, on a motorcycle, with the chick/dude of your choice! Yeah, let's do that.

And let me know if anyone need to know how to cook meth.

zemmo 05-07-2002 06:12 PM

Re: John Burns: Monday Malfeasance
Well, let's look at SUV pros and cons:

Cons: They squander resources, impede vision, handle poorly, are slow, ugly, and almost entirely useless.

Pros: Uh, well, hmmm... Oh yeah, you can use them to do a little light work, although virtually no one does.

For less money, one could buy a WRX and have an excellent car, instead of a poseur truck, and still do a bit of light work. Trust me, I hauled a caribou in the back of my WRX wagon. The argument that one has a right to do stupid things because they're "free", lacks lucidity and cohesion. Because they're brainwashed, is more like it. SUVs, argh!!!

Steven_Verschoor 05-07-2002 07:29 PM

Re: A matter of perspective
Very well stated, Martin. Thank you.

alanheng 05-07-2002 08:02 PM

Re: John Burns: Monday Malfeasance
It seems that there's enough of a response on this topic that people DO want to talk about it. So why not let them talk about it?

Feel free to stop reading this, or any other topic whenever you want to. It's a "free" country, after all.

Steven_Verschoor 05-07-2002 08:08 PM

Re: I agree Drinking and Driving is just bad
Well yes, "life is nothing but gray," yet people like yourself manage to live by stong convictions.

Now stong convictions can be well-reasoned, or biggoted, or religious, etc. As for KPaulCook, all he said was "Drinking and driving is bad."

Well, drinking and driving means operating a potentially lethal vehicle while your reaction time is impaired, your depth perception is impaired, your sense of velocity is impaired, your vision is impaired... Kind of tough to disagree with KPaulCook on this one. Especially when you consider that drinking and driving puts innocent people at risk.

Okay, you weren't disagreeing outright, but where's the gray area in "drinking and driving is bad"?

PS: I agree with you about (most) statistics.

And I, too, would like to see us do something about bad driving... especially those slowpokes in the fast lane!

sarnali 05-07-2002 08:12 PM

Re: Right on, JB!
no grey areas in this respect is right, drunks kill and maim innocent people and themselves every day, period. so do any number of other things, but the issue at hand seems to be drinking and driving or riding, and I'm sorry to break it to you John but your flat ass wrong. drunks kill and are usually assholes to boot,

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