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Default Re: John Burns: Monday Malfeasance


Thanks for having the guts to say your piece about drunk driving. I don't know if I completely agree with you but I respect you for having the stones to say what you did in public. I have always suspected that the drunk driver witchhunt is more motivated by finding an easy way to look tough on crime than it is finding a real solution to a serious problem. With the current very low blood alcohol standards either already in place or in the process of being enacted into law in most states I think that we are on the verge of turning an entire class of otherwise responsible people into criminals - without effectively addressing the problem of accidents caused by drunk drivers. DUI laws are, in my opinion, the modern form of prohibition. with police taking on the role of a modern Carrie Nation.

Before you MADD types get out your flamethrowers be aware that I have no DUI's (only two moving violations in over a million miles, in fact) and that I have experienced the effects of alcohol abuse and drunk driving in ways that I hope none of you ever has to face. I am not oblivious to the problem, I just don't think that catching people in roadblocks and busting them at the minimum blood alcohol level does anything to really solve this complex and intransigent problem.

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Default Re: A matter of perspective

Chicago is #1 in murders because of one reason: guns. It is illegal to own a handgun in the City of Chicago, and to get arifle or shotgun is is very difficult. There are no gun stores in the city porper either...you have to go to the suburbs.

And Chicago police are even restricted. There were recently attempts by the mayor's office to make police officers unable to carry weaponry when off duty...including when heading to court to testify against criminals! That got shot down in a hurry. Currently, they are attempting to get rid of any weon fed by magazine...translation: now you can only own break action shotguns and single shot, bolt action rifles. It's already illegal to own a gun, but the problem is the criminals have them and know that you don't.

It's ridicilous. Mayor Daley is insane, and Chicaho police are having extreme problems in recruitment. Same with LA. Who wants to work for 40k a year in the war zone that is LA (hell, starting pay is 30k in Chicago, murder capital of the US) and get shot at and threatend while the politicans vote themselves raises and fire you the minute you drawn down on someone?

Well, I do. I guess I like an adventure...

--The Fox

--The Fox

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Default Re: John Burns: Monday Malfeasance

I would just like to know where all the cops are when I have some idiot tailgating me, trying to run me off the road or in some way endangering my life! Rarely does a weekend go by when some cager doesn't try to impact (purposely) my ride (or my wife on her bike) in a negative manner. We aren't loafing along on cruisers either. We both ride sportbikes (FZ-1 and a Bandit 1200). I'm still trying to figure out what I can carry with me to convince cagers from messing with us. I wish that cop would have been sitting on a corner near Pt. Fermin in San Pedro this last weekend to catch the teenage asswipe that almost took both of us out (apparently because his piece of crap car didn't have the steam to pass us on a hill) at the stop sign at the bottom of the hill, instead of looking for bicycle violations.
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Default Re: I agree Drinking and Driving is just bad

I think the important point here is that drinking drivers are greatly over-represented among those having accidents and that the impairment of judgment and motor skills brought on by alcohol use are to blame. If you're suggesting that drunken driving is acceptable or somehow not a cause of many accidents, I must disagree.
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Default Re: John Burns: Monday Malfeasance

Hey Sport,

I wouldn't have any problems with the cops catching the drunk retard that ran my 19-year old brother over (and killed him) on his CB400 back in '88. If it would have taken a roadblock to do, so be it.

No flames here, just the facts...

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Default Re: John Burns: Monday Malfeasance

Seems to me the problem lies in the abdication of personal responsibility. Lawyers and society have taught our kids that we can always blame someone else for our actions - hence, we can do what we want with complete disregard for the consequences. Ever notice all the warning stickers all over your new motorcycle? Or any other new product? Chances are high that they're only there because someone refused to take responsibility for his/her actions.

If we don't like the laws, it's unfair to blame "big brother". We can only blame ourselves for not being more responsible.
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Default Welcome to California, can I see some ID?

I totally agree with JB that southern Cal has turned into a Police-State. I moved to Huntington Beach from Phoenix, AZ about 18 months ago, and I've never seen this many cops in my 20 years in AZ! My son has actually gotten pulled over by the PD for riding his bicycle on the sidewalk - he was let go with a warning. Geez! The kid's only in the 8th grade!

I don't care how much "safety" you want, the taxpaying public shouldn't have to live in such a Nazi-esque totalitarian rule. Land of the free, indeed...


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Default Re: John Burns: Monday Malfeasance

A few weeks ago, I rode my bicycle (the kind with pedals) to the bar because I didn't think it would be a good idea to be operating a motor vehicle. I didn't get "pulled over", but numerous people told me to watch out on the way home because they knew of people that had gotten a ticket for driving a bicycle drunk! There is your drunk driving absurdidty. Who the hell am I going to hurt on a bicycle. Interesting that I thought I was doing a responsible thing, but was still breaking the law.
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Default Re: John Burns: Monday Malfeasance

I agree with most of the content in your column. I have been a fire fighter and am currently a Paramedic. I have a total of nine years on the street. Alcohol and driving is very rarely a good thing. From my perspective, I feel that fifty percent is most likely a low number. JB you might be a better driver than most prior to alcohol ingestion. You might also be just as good as anyone else afterwards. The limit has to be set for everyone, not for individual cases. You're a big boy and know the law. If you choose to break it then except responsibilty for your actions. If a person wishes to do harm to themselves, then I say it's OK. If your actions interfer with the well being of others than your wrong.

As to the rest of your article, I coulldn't agree more. We almost continuously trade our freedom for security. I believe that your security is your personal business. The police can not keep you safe. They can very efficiently place the tags on your toes afterwards.

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Default Re: Welcome to California, can I see some ID?

Your kid would love it in Japan. You HAVE to ride on the sidewalk here!
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