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Default Re: Lash out at Speed Channel

I was PO'd as much as anyone, and I'm a moderate NASCAR fan. Motorcycle racing is my #1, but I have grown to appreciate NASCAR even though it is often nothing more than 180mph tailgating. The principle that was violated here was a basic one that any kindergartener understands, integrity. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Speed Channel has apologized, but I'm not buying it. I think there is an anti-M/C agenda and this was a trial balloon. But then, I've always been a believer in the "gunman on the grassy knoll" too.

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Default Re: Lash out at Speed Channel

My biggest gripe about the Speed Channel is that I still can't get it here in Oakland, CA. I'm an hour away from Sears Point and was fortunate to be able to go see the races live on Saturday, but darn it, this must be one of the biggest motorcycling areas in the country and my cable channel is taking their sweet time in adding Speedvision (or whatever they call themselves now).

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Default Re: Lash out at Speed Channel

Sometime ago, Speed Channel announced that they were going to cover AMA racing for the European market. I'm not really sure if Speed Channel is in Europe yet but imagine if they were broadcasting last weekend's AMA Supersport Race. Per capita, Europe have the most fans of motorcycle racing. The mistake of interrupting the live coverage for a Nascar Update would have been very costly for everyone involved specially Speed Channel who is trying to establish an audience over seas. I'm pretty sure that they realized that because I did... and I'm in Canada.
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Default Re: Lash out at Speed Channel

I tape all the races so I can enjoy the day and watch the videos night. I was incredulous that Speed chose to preempt the Supersport race after 3 laps for NASCAR. Since I had taped the event, I didn't have the opportunity of watching it on a later broadcast that day.

Bottom line - whoever made the decision should be fired for stupidity. As mentioned already, how many NASCAR fans are going to tune it when another program has been scheduled? I'm sure this pissed off far more moto fans than it pleased NASCAR fans.

I also subscribed to "premium" programming from my cable company solely to receive Speed. Perhaps at some point satellite broadcasts will be readily available - even on a pay-per-view basis, if it means I get 60 minutes of coverage with no ads for a nominal fee.

We all need to speak up - to motorcycle advertisers and sponsors, as well as to Speed Channel - thanks for all who have done so.

Man, I love this sport - kudos to the old Speedvision. "Cautiously optimistic" on the new Speed Channel.
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Default Re: Lash out at Speed Channel

I mailed an inquiry to a couple of the manufacturers just off of their 'e-mail' link on their web pages, who knows, may not get any attention.

I appreciate the fact that you know how to get in touch with their PR folks, that could definitely do some good though!


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Default We shouldn't be suprised...

This is just another example of how motorcycles and motorcyclists are looked upon as being second rate... Just count how many viagraesque commercials there are during your next motorcycle racing telecast! Or perhaps you'll get the ever popular, "Size does matter! Enlarge your penis now with new improved monster man pump pills!".... Or how about the, "Your all fat and lazy, but if you buy our super slim skinny pill you can lose weight fast and become the man you always wanted to be!" Is this an indication of how the programmers look upon us? A bunch of fat lazy little **** bikers who can't get it up? It's gotten so bad that I won't watch it live, I tivo it and fast forward through all the dumb ass commercials.
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Default Re: Lash out at Speed Channel

Can we just use this opportunity to bash NASCAR???? OK.

First, let me qualify the following comments with the fact that I am not a race car driver and that I would probably suck if I was. However, I do not pretend to be one.

NASCAR sucks. It's not racing. It's a collection of oversized, overweight, unsophisticated billboards going in circles drafting off of each other and, as another poster mentioned earlier, tailgating. I could not imagine having the patience to sit down and watch this for 500 miles. Maybe that is why all the spectators in the stands have to get so inebriated.

As for the racers themselves? Ha! They are not race car drivers. These are the same people driving the oversized, gas-guzzling, slow-to-go, even-slower-to-stop monstrosities that endanger all of our lives on a daily basis. Throw any one of these "racers" into a Formula 1 car and I guarantee they could not qualify. That is providing that you could squeeze their not-so-highly conditioned back sides into a car. You want a good laugh? Watch these guys race somewhere like Watkins Glen. When confronted with shifting, braking and turning in two directions they show their true talents...wait, I am not sure they have any true talents aside from appealing to the unimaginitive. The same guy wins the road courses every outing because he is the only one that has grasped some of these concepts.

I could not imagine the outrage had the folks at SPEED pre-empted the motorcycle racing in Europe with NASCAR updates. To the rest of the world, NASCAR is almost as much of a laughing stock as country music.
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Default July 17th - Take this day to show them who you are...

Show the non-riding public who you are. No excuses. Do some pre-ride planning if you have to but ride to work on the 11th Annual Ride To Work Day, Wednesday July 17, 2002.

"Ride your motorcycle on this day to demonstrate:

> The number of motorcyclists to the general public and to politicians.

> That motorcyclists are from all occupations and all walks of life.

> That motorcyclists can reduce traffic congestion in large cities.

> That motorcycles are for transportation as well as recreation."

Who knows you might even enjoy it. Commuting is certainly a different kind of riding but who knows you may find out what I have, that I would rather be on my bike in rush hour than in a cage. Be aware and practice skills you don't get to use often. It's exhilarating.


Cages are for Hamsters!
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Default 'NECKCAR sucks

To continue the 'NECKCAR bashing, let's examine exactly what constitutes a 'NECKCAR "highlights" show: forty minutes of cars crashing. Yup. Those inbreds really only watch the races to see the crashes. They could care less about the actual racing. They got exactly what they wanted last February.

Oh, and ever notice how all the commercials for racing on SpeedVision (won't call 'em by the new name) show nothing but crashes? The only motorcycle racing clip seen is Yanagawa crashing four (maybe longer?) years ago at Laguna Seca and his bike bursting into flames!

Shoot dang! Look at that bike explode! I'm ohnna watch me summa that there mobycle racin' to see that crash!

What has this world come to?

Oh, and I'm really afraid for what SpeedVision is going to do to the previously promised live, 24 hour, flag-to-flag coverage of the 24 Heuers Du Mans...

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