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84rzv500r 04-25-2002 03:07 PM

Re: The Verdict is in.
I got tired of the which bike is better every year thing... all of them are better than 99% of the riders anyway...

My 18 year old Yamaha 500 is good enough for me, with 112 rear wheel horsepower, 65 ftlbs of torque, and 336 lbs with 4.8 gallons of 110 Sunoco purple mixed 36:1 with Motul 800 2t abord. It will and has startled a few unsuspecting 4-stroke owners... 4.8 gallons gets you 40 minutes of wheel spinning power wheelieing fun... In the pits when I fire it up guys start counting pipes... It is complete with Marchesini M5 wheels, Ohlins shock, forks/brakes/swingarm from a 2001 R1, JollyMoto pipes, bodywork borrowed from a yzr500, flatslides, billet everything and hand welded everything else...

Sure I could of had a Gixxer or an R1 but so can every one else...

RR1 04-27-2002 12:23 PM

Re: The Verdict is in.
A couple of comments/questions. First - why is the GSXR dyno run identical to that of the 2001 test? Second - your Honda's must differ a bunch from what we get up here in Canada. Up here the CBR929 has a seat like a plank of wood and the 954 is harder, if that is possible. And the 929's I've ridden vibrate annoyingly all the time, I suspect the 954 is similar but I have not ridden one. The other 2 bikes are smooth, especially when the front is pawing air. The 929 (and the 954?) had the nicest instruments and feel to the steering and is more easy to change your line on than the other two at higher speeds like over 100mph. But both the other two are way more comfortable to ride all day, even after 10minutes the Honda becomes a pain for this 48 yearold. And both of them flat kill the Honda for power without trying. I have a 2000 R1 and am seriously considering a GSXR for the wind protection and THAT MOTOR.

cyclesteve 04-28-2002 02:30 PM

Re: The Verdict is in.

If you folks at MO are more concered w/ performance on the street, why was the ZX9R not included? It is by far and away the most comfortable and yet has plenty of power. It seems to me that one important part of a "streetbike" is that it be able to be ridden on the street to a destination more than one or two hours away without discomfort.Lets hear some due for the ZX9R.Get one and flog it. You will be able to spend the whole day doing it.


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